The Best Concept Cars of 2017

These are some of our favorite concept cars that we have featured throughout the year of 2017. Following is a transcript of the video.


The “Hum Rider” has hydraulic lifts in the wheels. They push 9 feet into the air. Plenty of room to cruise over traffic.


If you love touch screens, this is the car for you. This is Corning’s Connected Car prototype. Everything is a touch screen including the steering wheel.


Lexus has made a car covered in LEDs. This is the 2017 Lexus LIT IS. It has 41,999 LEDs that cover the sedan in designs and colors. Its lighting can also react to people and sounds around it.


Volkswagen wants to take self-driving cars to the next level. This is Sedric. The concept car has a literal friendly face. It has no pedals or steering wheel. Movement would be controlled by a digital assistant.


This Toyota concept crossover is for Gen Y. Behold the Toyota FT-4X Concept. Toyota thinks millennials need a car for “casualcore” outings. Multiple storage options.


This concept car has airbags on the outside. It’s called the Flesby II. LED lighting gives the car some personality. But the lights do more than make faces. They’re meant to communicate with passengers and pedestrian. The exterior airbags absorb the impact of a collision and are supposed to instantly repair any dents.


This is “Deep Orange 7.” It’s a fully-functional concept. It has a very unique storage system. There is a storage area in the front where you can show off your favorite items. Think outdoor gear, yoga equipment, or gardening tools.


This beautiful car is powered entirely by hydrogen. Riversimple has launched Rasa. It looks like something out of a James Bond movie. It gets 300 miles on one tank of hydrogen. The two-seater has gull-wing doors. Electric motors are hidden in the wheels.


Audi’s tail light concept looks incredible. It’s called “The Swarm.” The tail light is a continuous OLED screen.


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These Competitors Want ‘Gloving’ To Be The Next Big Sport: VICE News Tonight on HBO

This segment originally aired Nov. 18, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

Gloving is a rave-style hand dance that involves putting multi-colored LEDs in the fingertips of white gloves to create trippy light trails.

“What I normally explain it to people as is: a form of dance that’s more based around your hands, fingers and arms,” glover Jacob “Vex” Zakarian told VICE News correspondent Bijan Stephen in Huntington Beach, California. “Gloving now has moved towards a more dance-y aspect, but it really all came from being able to create trails with the lights by having concise movements that look like they didn’t stop.”

He can make a few hundred dollars a month competing in gloving events, Zakarian said.

EmazingLights Founder Brian Lim established the International Gloving Championship in 2011 to bring legitimacy to gloving.
“When we showcase judges, sponsors, and you see the true passion behind it, you can really tell that it’s not just a few kids on drugs,” he said.

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