Covert Garden – Leagues

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‘Leagues’ is released 6th November 2017

When looking at his vast back catalogue of sounds, Gareth Hester needs little introduction. However, after previously working as War Machine, a name which graced the discography of Technique Recordings, Med School, Serial Killaz and many more pivotal imprints, he’s taken on a new identity which will see him branch out and widen his already impressive production repertoire. His background as an engineer for Zero-G and Sunderland Audio is clear through every meticulous cut he offers up on his next release, given a platform by the uncompromising Violation Music; they’ve once again proven a penchant for delivering only the most cut-throat records, time and time again upholding their intimidating standards.

The ‘Leagues EP’ branches out from Hester’s signature style but still channels the same intricate levels of sonic weaponry, moving his unbridled talent throughout its jagged edges. Even on first listen, you’re made acutely aware at home pivotal this release will stand to be for Covert Garden. The EP begins with title-track ‘Leagues’, setting the pace and pummeling its way through the mix with a sharp bassline and pumping kick drums. The track pulses with power, pushing against each percussive segment to ensure you’re left to fully bask in its technicality. It grows until its bass stabs create heavy dents within its tightly compact composition, alluding to the skills Covert Garden has at his disposal.

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