Brazilian Odebrecht former chief in Peru heads for the MPF

Brazilian Odebrecht’s former chief in Peru Jorge Barata leaves a hotel and heads for the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in Curitiba, as a special team of Peru’s public ministry prosecutors began questioning him in the Lava Jato corruption case. IMAGES

Impeachment in Brazil: Congress Votes

Brazil’s lower house of congress has voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff over corruption charges. The embattled leader has been accused of presiding over the tampering of accounts in order to cover budgetary shortfalls last year, but her supporters have dismissed the impeachment proceedings, leveling them a coup to push out the democratically elected president.

The move to impeach Rousseff comes in the midst of a broader political crisis associated with a massive anti-corruption probe — deemed Operation Lava Jato, or Car Wash — which is investigating a kickback scheme involving state-run petroleum company Petrobras.

VICE News was in São Paulo, Brazil where protests for and against President Dilma Rousseff were in full swing, as congress began to vote on her impeachment.

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