The Kurds

Videographic on the Kurds. The United States has said it is speaking to Turkey to ensure it does not “slaughter” Kurds in Syria as US troops leave.VIDEOGRAPHIC

US armored vehicles patrol in north-eastern Syria

US armored vehicles patrol with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in north-eastern Syria after US decision to pull troops out of eastern Syria leave Kurds exposed to Turkish military threats. IMAGES

Syria Kurds feel betrayed by US pullout

While Syrian Kurds say they feel betrayed by US pullout from during a protest at the Turkish border in Ras al-Ain, Syrian in Damascus see the move as a good thing.

The Kurds

Videographic on the Kurds. The Kurdish-dominated force battling jihadists on the ground in Syria warned on Thursday that a Syria troop pullout announced by the US could allow the Islamic State group to rebuild.VIDEOGRAPHIC

Kurds near Turkey border dread fresh offensive

Syrian-Kurds living in the village of Ashma on the border with Turkey fear to leave their houses due to cross-border Turkish artillery fire targeting positions held by the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the main Kurdish militia in Syria.

Swedish soccer team point of pride for Kurds

(26 Oct 2018) Swedish soccer team point of pride for Kurds

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Syria’s Kurds want foreign jihadists to be repatriated

Kurdish forces who have been fighting IS in Syria with backing from the US-led coalition say they hold around 900 of the organisation’s foreign jihadists from 44 countries. But say they will not try them and have urged their home countries to repatriate them.