Sen. Graham criticizes Trump’s Syria moves

President Donald Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops from northeastern Syria, essentially abandoning the Syria Kurd fighters who fought alongside U.S. against the Islamic State group, is drawing criticism from Sen. Lindsey Graham. (Oct. 16)

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The Fight For a Kurdish State I VICE on HBO

The Kurds have played an instrumental role in the fight against ISIS. Although their case for independence is rarely made, the Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world without a state of their own. They’re also one of the only peoples to suffer an attempted genocide since the Holocaust.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, Vice’s Ben Anderson met those involved in the fight from the frontline to the Kurd’s former guerrilla president to ask why the group recently voted for independence and what hopes they have for achieving a state of their own.

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Mobile cinema brings movie magic to Syria Kurd children | AFP

In a schoolyard of rural northeastern Syria, boys and girls break out into giggles watching Charlie Chaplin’s pranks, a rare treat thanks to a mobile cinema roving through the countryside.

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Syria parents spurn Kurd schools over university fears

After carefully packing her schoolbag, seven-year-old Rasha scrambles into the van that shuttles her daily from her home in a Kurdish-held neighbourhood of Syria’s Qamishli to school in the government-held enclave. Many parents in northeastern Syria, most of which is controlled by Kurdish authorities, are opting to enrol their children in overcrowded state-run schools despite the complex commute.

Syrian rockets kill two in Turkey as Ankara fights Kurd militia

Rockets fired from Syria killed at least two people and wounded at least 11 others on Wednesday in southern Turkey on the fifth day of Ankara’s offensive against a Syrian Kurdish militia which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to eliminate.

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Double-Cross?

Double-crossed? You would think so if you are a Kurd. Also, just how many U.S. troops are in Syria and why? And the living hell that is Yemen.
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