Noisia Radio S01E22

This week we get excited about three exclusive premieres(!) by Rockwell, Bl4ck Owlz and The Clamps. Nik and Martijn also make a few stupid noises.

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Rockwell – Macbook Jungle Crew (Your Time) [SHOGUN]
Ivy Lab – Deus [20/20]
Bl4ck Owlz – Fake [INVISIBLE]
Emperor & Centra – Solar [CRITICAL]
Whynnel – Suppressor [SOUNDCLOUD]
Audeka – Blood Magic [CALIBER]
Amoss – Cosmonaut [HORIZONS]
Noisia vs The Upbeats – Dead Limit [VISION]
KRNE x Sober Rob – Icy [SOUNDCLOUD]
16Bit – Dinosaurs [MTA}
Posij – Misfits [DIVISION]
The Clamps – Radiation [TRENDKILL]
Outfit x Zero Tep – Thumpier [SOUNDCLOUD]
bijna fijn.mp3
QO – Evil Dead (A-Cray remix) [EATBRAIN]
Tipper – Tug Of War [TIPPER MUSIC]
Current Value – Running [FUTURE SICKNESS]