Bill Browder criticises Russia’s Interpol candidate

British financier and Kremlin critic Bill Browder criticises Russia’s leadership bid at Interpol calling their candidate Alexander Prokopchuk ‘inappropriate’ for the role. Browder’s tax consultant Sergei Magnitsky died in prison of untreated illness in 2009 after accusing Russian officials of $230 million tax fraud. Russia has rejected the claims and convicted Magnitsky of fraud, putting him on trial posthumously. SOUNDBITE

Ukraine rebels elect leaders in defiance of West

Voters in rebel-held east Ukraine chose new leaders Sunday after Russia defied Western calls not to sabotage peace talks and Kiev urged fresh sanctions against the Kremlin.

Russia commemorates 1941 military parade on Red Square

Russia marks the 77th anniversary of the historic 1941 parade, when Red Army soldiers marched past the Kremlin walls towards the front line to fight Nazi Germany troops during World War Two.