Meat with a side of geopolitics in Serbian restaurant

Madagascar meatloaf, Laotian pork neck, Lesotho chicken kebab — politics, not palate sets the menu at Korcagin, a Serbian restaurant that serves food only from countries that don’t recognise Kosovo.

Belgrade protesters march in honour of murdered politician

Thousands of anti-government protesters march in silence in Belgrade to pay homage to Oliver Ivanovic, a Kosovan Serb politician who was murdered one year ago in Kosovo.

AP Top Stories December 17 P

(17 Dec 2018) Here are the top stories for Monday, Dec. 17th: Comey testifies before House committees for a second day; Tennessee senator won’t seek reelection; May schedules another Brexit vote in January; Santa marathon held in Kosovo.

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In Kosovo running Santas raise money for needy in mini-marathon

Hundreds of runners dressed in Santa Claus costumes race through Pristina’s streets in a mini-marathon raising money for families in need during the holiday season.

Kosovo asserts statehood with vote to create army

Kosovo’s parliament passes laws to build an army, asserting its statehood in a move that has angered Serbia, who does not recognise the former province’s independence. In the capital Pristina, Kosovo Albanians celebrate the new pillar of statehood, which President Hashim Thaci hailed as “historic”.

Kosovo children learn about Bush as country mourns US leader

Kosovo schoolchildren learn about the late US President George H.W. Bush as they observe a day of mourning. Kosovo declared a national day of mourning for the late president, who was seen as an early ally of the ethnic Albanians in the former Serbian province.

Lake Gazivode, troubled waters between Kosovo and Serbia

Controlled by Serbs but a key resource for Kosovo, the cool blue waters of Lake Gazivode reflect the chilly relationship between the former war foes over their contested border. The 24-kilometre (15-mile) reservoir straddles the frontier separating Serbia and Kosovo, still locked in a diplomatic dispute 20 years after an ethnic rebellion split them apart.

Gay activists seek ‘freedom’ at Kosovo pride parade

Hundreds of people take part in a gay parade in Pristina, demanding “freedom” and “equal rights” in patriarchal and Muslim majority Kosovo. Waving rainbow flags and banners bearing the motto of the parade “In the Name of Freedom”, they march through Pristina’s main street, saying they are “walking for those who can not join us”.