Tribal war prevented? High-risk voyage succeeds with isolated tribe in Brazil


Brazil’s agency for indigenous peoples said that a high-risk expedition in the Amazon has reunited an isolated group with relatives and eased tensions with a rival tribe near the border with Peru.

The FUNAI agency said a team of nearly two dozen reached 34 members of the Korubo tribe in the Brazilian state of Amazonas. The expedition included relatives of the Korubos and also aimed to avoid a possible conflict with the Matis tribe living about 12 miles (20 kilometres) away.

The Matis tribe repeatedly requested FUNAI’s intervention in the case because they believed the isolated Korubos wanted revenge, mistakenly believing their relatives had been killed by the Matis.

The main concern of FUNAI analysts was that the isolated group would not believe that the Korubos in the expedition were in fact their relatives, which made them label the mission as ‘high risk.’


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