Dozens of bodies ‘found in IS mass grave’ in Iraq

Iraqi authorities have uncovered a new mass grave containing the remains of dozens of people in an area of northern Kirkuk province once held by the Islamic State group.

Art of cinema comes alive in basement of Iraq aficionado

From black-and-white musicals to action movies, Abdel Qader al-Ayoubi screens films and exhibits paraphernalia of the art form in his basement in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, a cinema-free zone.

Kurds Lose Oil Fields As Iran and U.S. Battle For Influence in Iraq (HBO)

Since the Kurdish referendum on Independence, Iraqi Kurds have lost their president, control of airspace and disputed territories — including the oil rich province of Kirkuk. It’s meant that hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from oil exports in the disputed territories are now entirely under Baghdad’s control.

The Kurdish region is faced with the sudden loss of resources – which had been vital in its push for independence. Meanwhile many Kurds are also angry at their long-standing allies, the US, for not intervening to stop the Kirkuk offensive – which was carried out by Iraqi forces and the Iranian backed Shia paramilitary group the PMU.

Vice News travels to the Baba Gurgur oil field in Iraq’s disputed territories – newly recaptured by Iraqi forces following the Kurdish vote on independence.

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Clashes as Iraq army takes Kurd-held area of Kirkuk province

On the outskirt of Altun Kupri, a city in the province of Kirkuk retaken by federal forces Friday, Kurdish peshmerga fighters hold positions atop hills on the outskirt of the city. All day, Kurdish and federal forces have targeted each others with artillery fire, mortars and machine guns. IMAGES

Balance of power shifts in Iraq’s multi-ethnic Kirkuk

With the return of Kirkuk to Iraqi control, the balance of power appears to have shifted between the ethnic communities in the Kurdish-majority city, to the delight of its Turkmen residents.

Iraqi army retakes almost all disputed areas from Kurds

Iraqi government forces say they have retaken almost all the areas disputed between Baghdad and the autonomous Kurdistan region following a sweeping advance into oil-rich Kirkuk province in response to an independence vote.

Kirkuk residents react to latest developents in their city

Iraqi forces took control of the two largest oil fields in the disputed northern province of Kirkuk on Tuesday, demolishing Kurdish hopes of creating a viable independent state.