Kije – Accretion [Ignescent Recordings]


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➔Released: 29.1.2018
➔Cat: IGNT030

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Noisia Radio S02E39

Noisia Radio with a weekly dose of beats and bass, plus new music from our own imprints.

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Lockjaw – Heavenly Bodies [INVISIBLE]
Apashe & Phace – Unsafe [KANNIBALEN]
Disprove – Cosmic Law [EATBRAIN]
Ulterior Motive – Longshot (Xtrah Remix) [METALHEADZ]
Ak-Hash – Slug Life [FLEXOUT]
Signal – Parallax [CRITICAL]
Hybris & Subtension – Fay [MAINFRAME]
Kije – Triumph [CRITICAL BINARY]
Shield – Bowling Frontier [CART]
Emphasis – Blackbox [MAINFRAME]
DMVU – Bloccd [DUB]
Spectrasoul – Stock Sound [ISH CHAT]
Misanthrop – The Funk [NEOSIGNAL]
Current Value – Unthinkable [CRITICAL SYSTEMS]
Eyeseeu – On The Down Low [DIVISION]
Samurai Breaks – Silverback [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Question Time!
koektrommelstijl 3.mp3
Ed Rush & Optical – Lifespan [VIRUS]
Treega – Coconut [THE DREAMERS]
Shinen – Birth Of Star [LISTENER SUBMISSION]

Noisia Radio S02E38

A very special album episode this week, featuring the physical release of our ‘Outer Edges’ album, combined with your weekly dose of beats and bass.

Our album is now available on vinyl, CD and as a bundle at

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Noisia – The Approach [VISION]
Noisia – Tentacles [VISION]
Myro – Playa (Annix remix) [DISCIPLE]
Kije – Crucial Movement [CRITICAL BINARY]
Misanthrop – Notbot [NEOSIGNAL]
Noisia – Voodoo [VISION]
Tekel – Invocation [SUBTITLES]
Monty – Late Night Witness [VANDAL]
Noisia – Motion Blur [VISION]
Current Value – ESPACE [CYBERFUNK]
Noisia – The Entangled [VISION]
Disprove – Damage [EATBRAIN]
Malsum Ft. Counterstrike – Biomechanoid [ALGORYTHM]
Audeka – Demon’s Keep [METHLAB]
Spectrasoul – AKA Yoob [ISH CHAT]
Molecular – Midnight Run [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Question Time!
niet echt meer voor dmc.mp3
Bad Company – The Nine [BC]
Noisia – The Approach (Reprise) [VISION]

Noisia Radio S02E30

This week in Noisia Radio we have Phace within our midst answering questions and selecting music, a brand new track from The Upbeats and our weekly selection of new beats and dnb.
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The Upbeats – Mediums [VISION]
Eprom – Samurai [DUB]
Teddy Killerz & June Miller – Outer Space [RAM]
Signal – Basilisk [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Moody Good – Satoshi Nakamoto [SOUNDCLOUD]
Benny L – In The Groove [MAYAN]
Signs – Groove Propulsion [KOSENPROD]
Phazz – Caution [20/20]
Zotti – Ugh [BANDCAMP]
Rakoon – Phantom [PARADISE LOST]
Disphonia – Energy [RED LIGHT]
Distinct Motive – 40hz [DEEP DARK & DANGEROUS]
Dub Phizix – Hooligan Plague [BANDCAMP]
Kije – Connect [CRITICAL BINARY]
Monty – Brighten Up Monty [CRITICAL BINARY]
Grey Code – Making Marks [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Question Time!
noisia + phace – close Second (final) 320.mp3
Neosignal – Machine [DIVISION]
Phace – Brainwave [SUBTITLES]
Tennyson – Like What [BANDCAMP]
Jamie XX – Gosh [YOUNG TURKS]

Fre4knc – Tradecraft

The debut Skankandbass event has been announced and is taking place at The Nest in London, 28th September.
Tickets are available here: // confirm your attendance Facebook, here:

Available on digital and 2 x 12″ vinyl at:


Taken from from Invisible 021 alongside Dauntless, Current Value, Kije and Jay Mythix.



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Noisia Radio S02E18

This week we serve you our freshly baked exclusives from our own imprints and force feed you the jazz Nik and Thijs will never finish. Topped with some freshly harvested music and a Mr Oizo classic on the side!

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Noisia & Mono/poly – The Nomad [DIVISION]
Survey – You Wonder [INVISIBLE]
Molecular – Reaching Out [COUNTERPOINT]
Whiney – Guardians [HOSPITAL]
Euph – Hiatus (Arkaik Remix) [FLEXOUT]
Disprove, Signal and Audeka – Ritual [BAD TASTE]
Noisia – Deception (Noisia Edit) [RAM]
Lynx Feat. Calibre – Voyager [DETAIL]
Owneath – Overload [DEMAND]
Lewru & Jupe – Make It Work [DARUMA DIRECT]
Volatile Cycle – Wrench [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
NU4M – Dark Energy (Kije_ Remix) [TAM]
Razat – Small [SOUNDCLOUD]
The Upbeats – Elevator [VISION]
imprompty jazz jam because fun.mp3
Question Time!
Mr Oizo – Last Night A Dj Killed My Dog [F COMMUNICATIONS]
IamThinkTank – Higher Powers [LISTENER SUBMISSION]

Noisia Radio S02E10

With special guest Posij introducing his new single in the intro, more exclusive music, and sauce related questions! #noisiaradio

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Posij – Not Normal [MTA]
Quadrant, Kid Hops, Iris – Seasick [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
Holly & Hounds – Heckler [SOUNDCLOUD]
Current Value – Enticement [INVISIBLE]
Optiv & BTK – Over The Edge (Agressor Bunx Remix) [DUTTY AUDIO]
Tails. – 100hammers [SOUNDCLOUD]
Kije – Stare Into The Sun [MINDTECH LTD]
Noisia & Ivy Lab – Possession [DIVISION]
Leaf Beach & Mndbd – UNTITLED [SOUNDCLOUD]
Spectrasoul – 4Urgh [ISH CHAT]
Autumn Keys – Pretending You Care [SOUNDCLOUD]
Question Time!
Subtle Element – Run [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ulterior Motive – Radian [SHOGUN]
binnenstad oost gangster.mp3
Illformants – Simex [SUBTITLES]
Tek.Lun – Jabbewjaw Jungle [SOUNDCLOUD]
Enei – Just One Look ft. Charlie Brix (Signal Remix) [CRITICAL]
Bad Company – Equilibrium [SOUNDCLOUD]
Think Twice – The Syndicate (Part 1) [SOUNDCLOUD]
Rival Consoles – Howl [ERASED TAPES]

Noisia Radio S01E24

After winning best Album at the DNBA Awards, Mefjus is now about to drop his new EP on Neosignal and we’re proud to premiere “Chaos Theory” this week! Also: lots of music.

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Mefjus – Chaos Theory [NEOSIGNAL]
Fearful – Premonition (Matzet Remix) [BANDCAMP]
Optical & BTK – Infection [DUTTY AUDIO]
Alphie – Cold Flow [SOUNDCLOUD]
Lockjaw – Binary Soul [INVISIBLE]
Lynx – Clap Track [HOSPITAL]
Noisia – Alpha Centauri [DIVISION]
Kije – Anthill [DUB]
Audeka – Archdemon [DUB]
Tennyson – Like What [BANDCAMP]
Noisia & Phace – Homeworld [CITRUS]
Mikal – If We Become [METALHEADZ]
Tsuruda – TFWustandonthedjtable [SOUNDCLOUD]
Spor – Aztec [SHOGUN]
noisia – fathom stalemate linger protocol.mp3
Annix – Take It Back [PLAYAZ]
Ancestral Voices – Selva [SAMURAI]

Enter The Grid Promo Mix 003 by NickBee

Enter The Grid is a sequence of Neurofunk Drum’n’Bass events created by the youtube promoter NeurofunkGrid and Kosenprod.

Download ►

Tracklist :
1. NickBee – ID
2. Gydra – Soul King (NickBee remix)
3. ID – ID
4. NickBee – ID
5. Abstract Elements – Ruberoid
6. Kije – Regimen
7. ID – ID
8. ID – ID
9. Axiom – Schizothemia (NickBee remix)
10. Noisia – Banshee
11. NickBee – Elysium
12. Lockjaw – Chasing Shadows
13. Detail – the way
14. NickBee – Two Empires
15. Impak – Vortex
16. Gydra – Boundless
17. Neonlight & Wntermute – Guinea Pig
18. ID – ID
19. Signs – Vermin
20. Dub Motion – Mercury
21. Roygreen & Proton – ???


► NICKBEE [Invisible, Dispatch, Horizons, Eatbrain, Bad Taste]
► VOLATILE CYCLE [Invisible, Renegade Hardware, Nfg]
► THE CLAMPS [Blackout, Kosen, Dissected, Disturbed]
► AKOV [NeurofunkGrid, Eatbrain, Titan]
► IMPAK [NeurofunkGrid, Mindtech]
► CRUK [Bad Taste, Ammunition, Disturbed]
► REDJECT [Blackout Music, Mindtech, Disturbed]
► OPSEN & PRIMAL THERAPY [Kosen, Vandal, Upgrade Audio, Melting Pot, Dissected Culture]
► INNATE MC [Renegad Hardware, Proximity Recordings]

Book NickBee ► booking [at]
More Infos here ►

Many thanks to the MIB Crew for the premiere on !

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Hospital Podcast 225 with London Elektricity

London Elektricity presents the Hospital Records podcast featuring new music from Fred V & Grafix, S.P.Y and Reso as well as the usual wide selection of drum & bass music from across the scene.

Fred V & Grafix feat. Tudor ‘Shine’
Fred V & Grafix feat. Etherwood ‘Forest Fires’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Hydra’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Maverick Souls’
Electrosoulsystem ‘Flawless’
S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne ‘Dusty Fingers’
Logistics ‘Together’
S.P.Y feat. Total Science and Grimm ‘Cold Harsh Air’
2nd City ‘I wanna feel (Brookes Brothers remix)’
Knarestand ‘My Escape (Nymfo remix)’
Reso ‘Devastator’
Kije ‘Coming For You’
Loadstar ‘Stepped Outside’
Maldini ‘Icarus’
Reso ‘Break ‘Em’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Recognise’
S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne ‘Back to basics’
Royalston ‘Kronos’
Frederic Robinson ‘Vamp Til Ready’

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