Kenyans Want To Know What Role Cambridge Analytica Played In Their 2017 Presidential Election (HBO)

Footage released earlier this week from the British Channel 4 investigation is raising questions about the extent of Cambridge Analytica’s role in the election after the consultancy’s executives were caught on tape taking credit for President Kenyatta’s winning campaign.

Surveys before the election in August 2017 had already indicated it was a problem for a majority of Kenyans during the presidential campaign. And on social media, voters saw plenty of attack ads against opposition candidate Raila Odinga.

VICE News spoke to members of the National Super Alliance [NASA] and Jubilee parties about the allegations that surfaced this week.

“I think there is every reason for Kenyans to be outraged,” said Norman Magaya, the CEO of the NASA party. “We have been treated to a charade in the form of an election,”

“[The Jubilee Party] have planted seeds of discord that will take generations to heal the way in which we conduct our politics.”

Members of President Kenyatta’s Jubilee party responded to these allegations saying that these allegations are a “non-starter” and that it would be “impossible” to win an election through data mining.

“All I can say is that anybody who think that that works, let them try it out in the year 2022 and then lose again,” said Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju to VICE News.

Cambridge Analytica responded to our request for details regarding their role in the spread of fake news in the Kenyan election: “Cambridge Analytica absolutely rejects allegations made in media reports that it conducted a negative media campaign in the recent Kenyan election or that it was in any way responsible for aggravating ethnic tensions relating to that election.”

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