Pandemics kill twin brothers 100-years apart

Philip Kahn always felt a void left by the death of his twin brother. His brother died shortly after birth during the Spanish flu pandemic of the early 20th century. 100 years later, Kahn himself succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic. (April 28)

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Hospital Podcast 344: Hospitality In The Park special with London Elektricity (WAS LIVE)

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With just a matter of days until we return to Finsbury Park, London Elektricity presents a special podcast featuring 100% music from artists peforming at this year’s Hospitality In The Park. Time to get excited!!!

Podcast #344 – Hospitality In The Park Special

Fred V & Grafix ‘Hurricanes’
Calibre ‘Bullets’ (feat. Diane Charlemagne)
MIST:ICAL ‘Time To Fly’
Kahn ‘Illy’
Total Recall ‘Cold Rock Stuff’
Calyx & Teebee ‘Sawn Off’
Culture Shock ‘Troglodyte VIP’
Keeno ‘As One’ (feat. Pat Fulgoni)
Hugh Hardie ‘Light It Up’
Danny Byrd ‘Gold Rush’ (feat. Brookes Brothers)
Etherwood ‘Revive’ (feat. Logistics & Eva Lazarus)
Mala ‘Miracles’ (Commodo remix)
Chimpo ‘War Tanker’
London Elektricity Big Band ‘South Eastern Dream’ (live)
Break ‘The Rush’
Clipz & Die ‘Number One’ (feat. Ben Westbeech)
Lurch ‘Weather Change’
My Nu Leng & Fineart ‘Set It’
Serum ‘Black Metal’
Microfunk Crew ‘Crabbs’
Swindle ‘Summer Fruits’

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Protests Intensify as Sit-In Continues: The March on Islamabad (Dispatch 3)

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With the ‘Revolution March’ inspired sit-in being held outside Pakistan’s government offices stretching into its fifth week, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has threatened to remove what has now become an established protest camp.

VICE News went to the camp, where protesters and their families have created medical, education, and hospitality facilities, all amid reports of nightly raids by police that have reportedly resulted in hundreds of arrests.

Alleged heavy-handed tactics being employed by police when dealing with injured protesters has fueled further outrage, while opposition party leader Imran Kahn claims the number of protester deaths is being deliberately concealed. Refusing to back away from demands for the prime minister’s resignation, Kahn has called for a decisive protest set for September 19.

Talks to Resolve Pakistan Crisis Crumble Amid Police Crackdown on Protesters:

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