Victims of Kabul blast arrive at hospital

Victims of a mortar attack on a large ceremony attended by Afghanistan’s chief executive and other leading government figures arrive at hospital. The Kabul attack killed three people and injured 22 others and represents a major security breach and marks a resumption of violence in the capital after weeks of calm amid ongoing peace talks between the US and Taliban in Doha. IMAGES of victims being taken to the hospital

Civilian deaths in Afghan war hit record in 2018

Patients from a packed Kabul hospital recall how they got injured as according to a UN report, more civilians are killed in the Afghan war in 2018 than during any other year on record after nearly two decades of fighting.

Air pollution

Videographic on air pollution. A thick layer of toxic smog has blanketed the Afghan capital Kabul as cold air traps pollution caused by people burning coal, wood, car tyres and even garbage to stay warm.VIDEOGRAPHIC

Taliban claim Kabul truck bomb attack, warn more to follow

The Taliban claims responsibility for a powerful truck bomb attack in Kabul that ripped through surrounding neighbourhoods on Monday, killing at least four people and wounding more than 100, in the latest assault on the Afghan capital.

Kabul faces water crisis

A shortage of rain, a booming population and wasteful consumption have drained Kabul’s water basin and sparked a race to the bottom as households and businesses bore deeper and deeper wells in search of the precious resource. Snow has fallen in the city this month but it is not nearly enough to solve the water shortage — in some areas the level has dropped 20 metres in the past year.

Drought-hit Kabul welcomes more snow

Kabul residents welcome more snowfall after a punishing drought hit Kabul and the rest of the country last year.

Firemen extinguish deadly Kabul fire

A deadly fire in a building in Kabul has left three dead and at least 44 were injured, including women and children. An initial investigation showed a nearby petrol station caught fire first, with the blaze then spreading to the tower.

Afghan women find freedom in running

The all-female Free to Run group hits Kabul city’s trails and parks several times a week, braving disapproving looks, verbal abuse and even physical violence to enjoy the rare pleasure of exercising outdoors.

Victim recalls attack at UK security firm’s Kabul compound

At least 10 people are killed after a massive blast outside a British security company’s compound in Kabul, with the attack claimed by the Taliban in the latest violence to target the Afghan capital.