Venezuela: Maduro supporters demonstrate in Caracas

Supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government rally in the center of Caracas amid political crisis, waving flags and chanting slogans, while opposition leader Juan Guaido tours the country as part of a campaign to oust the current president. IMAGES

Guaido supporters protest in Caracas in fifth day of blackout

Supporters of Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido protest in Caracas as a devastating blackout, that has left millions without power, enters its fifth day. IMAGES

Maduro calls on armed groups to actively resist

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro calls for active resistance in the political crisis gripping Venezuela. Opposition leader Juan Guaido promises to not “allow a tragedy like this to normalize” after announcing a “state of alarm” at the National Assembly legislature.

Venezuela’s Guaido to call for national state of emergency

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido announces that he will ask the National Assembly to declare a national state of emergency in the country, following a crippling power outage and mounting protests. SOUNDBITE

Venezuela’s Maduro arrives for anti-imperialist rally

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrives for a rally he called against “imperialism” as thousands cheer, at the same time as opposition supporters were protesting at a dueling rally called by leader Juan Guaido. IMAGES

Venezuela’s Guaido addresses crowd at opposition rally

Juan Guaido addresses thousands of people at an opposition rally in the Venezuelan capital, at the same time as thousands of others were gathered at a dueling rally against “imperialism” called by President Nicolas Maduro. IMAGES

Opposition supporters gather in Venezuela capital for rally

Opposition supporters start to gather in Venezuela’s capital after leader Juan Guaido called for protests but riot police blocked protesters from accessing the street in east Caracas where their demonstration is due to take place. IMAGES

Maas says Venezuela’s expulsion of ambassador ‘incomprehensible’

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas says Venezuela’s expulsion of German ambassador Daniel Kriener over his backing of opposition leader Juan Guaido is “incomprehensible”, and that it would not change their support for him.