AFPTV looks back on the Venezuelan crisis from start of 2019 | AFP

AFPTV rewinds to the beginning of 2019 and takes a look at how the Venezuelan crisis has evolved with the appearance of opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized as president by over 50 countries across the world, the continuing exodus of Venezuelans fleeing their home country and the serious lack of medication and food, putting lives in jeopardy.

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Former Venezuelan soldiers evicted from Colombia hotel

More than 60 former Venezuelan soldiers are evicted from a hotel in the Colombian border town of Cucuta where they were taking refuge, after they crossed the border following the failed attempt to allow humanitarian aid into Venezuela requested by opposition leader Juan Guaido. IMAGES

Venezuela’s Juan Guaido arrives for press conference

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido arrives for a press conference on a day when security forces blocked opposition lawmakers from entering the National Assembly, ramping up pressure on his supporters, two weeks after his failed uprising against President Nicolas Maduro. IMAGES

Venezuela: Deputy Florido holds press conference after fleeing

Demonstrators take to the streets of Caracas to support opposition leader Juan Guaido who urged his supporters to reject fear and maintain nationwide protests against President Nicolas Maduro. Meanwhile, officers defect to neighbouring Colombia, including Deputy Luis Florido, after a failed military uprising.