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For the first time ever cannabis exposure in rally sport!

Since his accident, Bart Hissink is on a quest, to spread the word about cannabis. Watch his story: https://youtu.be/bqkEywgjAr0

Justice for Johan is about Johan van Laarhoven. A Dutch coffeeshop owner who is imprisoned in Thailand for 103 years.
A victim from foul play by the Dutch authorities!
His story: https://youtu.be/ICwqQp77z2M

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Foul play: The criminalization of Dutch coffeeshop owners

Cannabis News Network presents you with a follow-up on the dramatic case of Johan van Laarhoven. This former Dutch coffeeshop entrepreneur and his wife are still being imprisoned in Thailand under horrific conditions.

The reason for their imprisonment is an investigation initiated by the Dutch government, who is accusing Van Laarhoven of money laundering. Van Laarhoven having retired to Thailand, the public prosecutor triggered the Thai government to investigate Johan van Laarhoven too, which led to his and his wife’s imprisonment for over thirteen months.

Whereas Dutch coffeeshops are tolerated to sell cannabis under certain circumstances, purchasing their stock remains illegal, therefore forcing coffeeshops to operate in a gray area. So is Van Laarhoven really to blame?

Because the Thai authorities have no idea about the situation in The Netherlands and the Dutch way of dealing with cannabis was not explained by the Dutch attorney general, a Thai delegation was invited over to Holland to have a good look at the local approach.

Check out this update from Cannabis News Network, including a report on the Thai delegation visiting coffeeshops and the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.

Cannabis News Network is a news journal which publishes only cannabis related news.

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Double Dutch – The Hypocrisy of the Dutch Government

The Dutch State is currently being sued by Johan van Laarhoven’s lawyers, to have him released from a cruel and inhumane prison in Thailand.

Double Dutch – The Hypocrisy of the Dutch Government

Johan van Laarhoven made his fortune as the owner of 4 coffeeshops, amongst other legitimate businesses.
This has led to him being imprisoned for almost a year, in a jail in Thailand, under horrific circumstances.
The Dutch State accuses him of laundering, criminal money and investing it in Thailand.

And this is where the confusion begins, the policy of the Dutch Government operates under a double standard.
As the owner of a coffeeshop, you can sell weed and hash, but you cannot buy it!

The Netherlands has always been famous for its liberal approach to soft drugs and coffeeshops and they are a common sight in most cities.

The so-called “backdoor problem” is the biggest paradox of the cannabis policy: coffeeshops are allowed to sell cannabis under strict conditions, but any wholesale buying or production is strictly prohibited. For 40 years, the government has been turning a blind eye to the supply of Cannabis to the coffee shops – do they think it magically materializes, or teleports in!

Recently, a majority in the Dutch parliament voted against any change in regulating the backdoor policy. So everyone working in the cannabis industry remains an outlaw – so nothing will change.

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