Airbus delivers A380 decorated with turtles to Japan

Japanese airline ANA receives a delivery of its first A380 from Airbus, decorated with blue sea turtles, explaining that the animal “represents luck and longevity” in Hawaiian legend.

Lawyer reveals mystery of Ghosn ‘disguise’

The mystery of Carlos Ghosn’s strange attire when he was released from Japanese detention has been solved. (March 8)

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Japanese architect Arata Isozaki wins Pritzer Prize

Images of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, one of the many works designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, who has been awarded the Pritzker Prize, considered the ‘Nobel’ of architecture.

‘Paradise on Earth’: Ghosts of N.Korea propaganda still haunts

Between 1959 and 1984, tens of thousands of Koreans and their Japanese spouses moved to North Korea from Japan with North’s fantastical propaganda promising returning kin a “Paradise on Earth.” But the reality they faced on arrival was a far cry from the propaganda.

Japan’s wagyu beef looks to conquer the world

The international profile of wagyu is on the rise, and Japanese producers of the famed beef are increasingly looking for sales abroad. In 2013, the agriculture ministry set new export targets with the goal of reaching 25 billion yen ($228 million) in beef sales overseas by 2019.

‘A way of life’: Japan’s whalers back treaty withdrawal

Japan sparked outrage in December when it decided to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission, saying it would return to commercial whaling as part of its cultural heritage. In the tiny Japanese town of Minamiboso, home to a local whaling company, most people are unmoved by the controversy.

Paw patrol: Sony offers robocop dog at home

Sony’s puppy-sized robot dog aibo, equipped with cameras, artificial intelligence and internet capability, can now remotely check up on family members, children or even pets, the Japanese electronics giant says.

‘Our land’: Russians protest Kuril islands handover to Japan

Hundreds of Russians protest against a feared giveaway of strategic islands to Japan, two days before a key summit between the countries’ leaders in Moscow. “We are opposed to the transfer of the Kuril Islands, the native Russian land, from imperial Russia, under Japanese control. We are categorically against it. This is our land”.