Hayabusa2’s rendezvous with asteroid Ryugu

Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe to land on asteroid Ryugu.VIDEOGRAPHIC.

‘Paradise on Earth’: Ghosts of N.Korea propaganda still haunts

Between 1959 and 1984, tens of thousands of Koreans and their Japanese spouses moved to North Korea from Japan with North’s fantastical propaganda promising returning kin a “Paradise on Earth.” But the reality they faced on arrival was a far cry from the propaganda.

After gender change, a bureaucratic brick wall in Japan

Elin McCready, a transgender woman, has been married for 19 years, but registering her female identity and name has thrown her union into jeopardy because Japan doesn’t recognise gay marriage.

Japan gay couples seek marriage rights in Valentine’s lawsuit

Thirteen same-sex couples in Japan are fighting for their marriage rights. They will file lawsuits on Valentine’s Day, seeking to force the government to recognise gay marriage.

Qataris celebrate historical Asian Cup victory

Qataris flood the streets after their national team’s victory against Japan at the Asian Cup, a first in the history of the team.

Football: Qatar fans react in Doha after Asian Cup triumph

Doha exploded in noisy celebration as jubilant Qataris flooded the streets after the national football team’s maiden Asian Cup triumph, over Japan. Qatar stunned Japan 3-1 on Friday, sparked by a moment of magic from record-breaker Almoez Ali. IMAGES

Japan’s wagyu beef looks to conquer the world

The international profile of wagyu is on the rise, and Japanese producers of the famed beef are increasingly looking for sales abroad. In 2013, the agriculture ministry set new export targets with the goal of reaching 25 billion yen ($228 million) in beef sales overseas by 2019.

‘A way of life’: Japan’s whalers back treaty withdrawal

Japan sparked outrage in December when it decided to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission, saying it would return to commercial whaling as part of its cultural heritage. In the tiny Japanese town of Minamiboso, home to a local whaling company, most people are unmoved by the controversy.

Tipples and trash: Japan waste plant opens its doors

An unusual spot for an after-work tipple has opened up in Tokyo within a local waste facility and incinerator.

Osaka celebrates Australian Open win at Brighton Beach

Japan’s Naomi Osaka celebrates her Australian Open champion at Melbourne’s Brighton Beach after beating Petra Kvitova in a three-set thriller that also gives her the world number one ranking. IMAGES