Saudi crown prince arrives in Islamabad

Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman is greeted by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan at the airport in Islamabad, as the powerful royal scion kicks off an Asia tour. IMAGES

Violent protests in Jammu after deadly attack on Indian soldiers

Sporadic protests break out across India, including Jammu where vehicles and tyres are burned in response to the deadly attack carried out by militants that killed at least 41 paramilitary police in Indian-administered Kashmir. India has accused Islamabad of harbouring the militants behind the bombing, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowing a “heavy price” for those responsible.

Valentine’s Day trade slow in Pakistan

Flower and balloon sellers in Islamabad say business has been slow ahead of Valentine’s Day in Pakistan, where the event has grown increasingly popular but has been banned from being promoted in recent years.

Pakistan: 30 years after Rushdie’s ‘Satanic Verses’

It’s been thirty years after Iran called for the killing of Salman Rushdie, the British novelist behind “The Satanic Verses”, the novel which triggered mass protests from London to Islamabad.

In Pakistani village, home is where the cave is

Bomb-proof, earthquake-resistant and cheap: thousands of Pakistanis are choosing to hunker down in caves northwest of Islamabad, snapping up the hobbit-like homes amid a nationwide housing shortage.

Blasphemy protests persist over Asia Bibi’s acquittal

Enraged Islamist hardliners continue protesting in the streets of Islamabad over the acquittal of a Christian woman for blasphemy, as thousands join mass protests. The protests are being largely led by the Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan party, which is known for its hardline stance on blasphemy issues.

US secretary of state in Pakistan to mend diplomatic ties

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo holds cordial meetings with Pakistani officials in Islamabad, hours after saying he hoped to “reset” Washington’s troubled relationship with its wayward ally.

Hair to stay: Men embrace grooming trend in Pakistan

Nails are buffed and beards trimmed to the sound of clipping scissors inside the “Men’s” salon in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, where a growing number of male patrons are set on revamping their style.