New limbs, new life for South Sudan amputees

South Sudan’s five-year long civil war has left thousands of people with missing limbs. A centre run by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Juba serves both as a hospital and a prosthetics factory for patients from around the country.

Father recalls deadly Yemeni bus attack

Yemeni father Zaid Tayyeb recalls his last moments with his three young sons, waving them onto a bus which minutes later would be hit by a devastating air strike. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, 40 children were killed and 56 wounded in the air strike which was carried out by the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Huthis.

Who will be held responsible for Saudi strike that killed dozens of children?

Fifty people died in a bus attack in Yemen and 77 were injured, most of whom were children, the International Committee of the Red Cross stated, citing officials. The Saudi-led coalition has called the attack ‘legitimate.’


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Artificial limbs give hope to Boko Haram amputees

Njidda Maidugu breaks into a broad smile as he wobbles on his artificial leg with the support of crutches. He never thought he would walk on two legs again after he lost his right limb in a Boko Haram suicide bomb attack in 2016. Boko Haram violence has shattered lives, leaving thousands in Nigeria disabled or dealing with amputations. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is offering free prosthetics to amputees at a workshop it operates in the northern Nigerian city of Kano.

Syria aid convoy pauses temporarily as mortars hit nearby

A new convoy carrying desperately needed food aid entered the rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta near Syria’s capital on Thursday, the International Committee of the Red Cross told AFP. As volunteers were distributing food parcels from the trucks, mortar rounds hit near the convoy and sent aid workers scrambling for cover, an AFP correspondent there said. They were able to resume delivery shortly after, with columns of smoke emerging in the cloudy sky overhead. IMAGES

Medical evacuation of Syria’s Eastern Ghouta begins: ICRC

Aid workers have begun evacuating emergency medical cases from Syria’s besieged rebel bastion of Eastern Ghouta, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Wednesday, after months of waiting during which the UN said at least 16 people had died. IMAGES

Village of widows in Nigeria tries to get back on its feet

The village of Egba in Benue State, Nigeria, is home to over 100 widows. Their husbands were killed in 2015, after a land dispute with a neighbouring village escalated into a bloody conflict. Since then, the women have struggled to feed their families and their children. The International Committee of the Red Cross has given seeds and fertiliser to the women, to help them get back on their feet.