VICE News Daily: Violent Protests in Armenia’s Capital

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Armenian police break up protests following a rise in electricity prices, conflict further weakens Burundi’s ailing economy, a UN program quickly gets cash to Syrian refugees in Jordan, and a historic moment for a famed New York City establishment.

Police Response to Electricity Protests Sparks Outrage
Thousands met the force of water cannons during marches to the presidential palace on Monday and Tuesday.

Conflict Pushes Economy to the Brink of Collapse
Businesses in the capital Bujumbura have been shuttered by almost daily protests since April.

Innovative UN Program Provides Swift Assistance to Refugees
A system that uses iris scans allows families to withdraw cash without a bank card or pin code.

Historic New York City Bar Receives Landmark Status
Consistent police raids on The Stonewall Inn sparked the June 1969 riots that galvanized the city’s modern gay rights movement.

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