Indonesia pet orangutans released back into the wild | AFP

Two young Sumatran Orangutans spent nearly two years learning to fend for themselves at a rehabilitation centre and ‘forest school’ before being returned to the wild at Pinus Jantho Forest Reserve in Indonesia. The rescue is a rare spot of bright news for the critically endangered species, which has seen its habitat shrink drastically over the past few decades largely due to the destruction of forests for logging, paper, palm oil and mining.

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Indonesia militia gain power through aid missions

Indonesia’s Islamic Defenders Front is better known for vigilante actions against gays, Christmas decorations and prostitution, but over the past decade and a half it has repurposed its militia into a force that’s as adept at searching for victims buried under earthquake rubble and distributing aid as it is at inspiring fear. (June 11)

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Violent election clashes continue in Indonesian capital

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta erupted in violence on Wednesday as police in riot gear fired water cannons and tear gas at protestors opposed to President Joko Widodo’s re-election, with parts of the sprawling city littered with debris and burned cars. The city’s governor Anies Baswedan was quoted by local media as saying six people had been killed with more than 200 injured. IMAGES