India locals receive body of woman killed in Christchurch attack

Locals in India’s Kerala state pay their respects to Ansi Alibava, an Indian student killed in the Christchurch mosque attacks, as her body is brought back to her home village.

Indian cyclists cycle 1500 kms to promote gender equality

Indian cyclists, including two women, ride 1500 kms from to New Delhi, to promote gender equality. The women say that more women should come out and support each other.

India colours up for Holi festival

Indian families cover each other with coloured powder to celebrate Holi, the Hindu spring festival of colours, during a traditional gathering at a temple in New Delhi.

Netflix dramatises notorious India gang-rape murder case

Netflix releases its latest Indian series, documenting the aftermath of the notorious gang-rape and murder of an Indian student that made global headlines in 2012.

Stray pup becomes top dog in elite Indian sniffer squad

Some 18 months after been rescued from stone-throwing children, an Indian street mutt has emerged top dog in an elite bomb- and drug-sniffing squad.

Indian family on the fringes sees hope in their 7-year-old

For one desperately poor Indian family living on the fringes of New Delhi, hope can be found in their 7-year-old son. (March 7)

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Young women wrestlers in India dream of glory despite odds

Indian women have long grappled with sexism in sports including wrestling – but things are changing, with a new breed of female fighters seeking international success emerging from India.

‘Modi sari’ flies off shelves as India poll fever grows

A shop in Mumbai is doing a roaring trade in selling Indian leader Narendra Modi-themed saris as Indians gear up for a general election due by May.