Displaced Syrian teacher gives free classes at an IPD camp in Idlib | AFP

Mohammed, a displaced teacher from Karnaz, on the northern outskirts of Hama, has been teaching children for the past three months under an olive tree at a camp for Internally displaced people (IDP) where he is taking shelter in Atme near the Syria-Turkey border.

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Yemenis seek safety from landmines at IDP camp in Khokha

Displaced Yemenis take shelter at the al-Waara camp in the Khokha district as millions are caught up in a dragging war in which Huthi rebels have been fighting for more than three years against the Yemeni government, which is backed by a Saudi-led military coalition. While the Saudi-led coalition has come under fire for air raids that have killed civilians, including children, in rebel-held areas, the Huthis have been accused of widespread and indiscriminate use of landmines.

Nigerians displaced by Boko Haram face uncertain future

Nigerians displaced by Boko Haram violence continue to flee to IDP camps in the country’s northeast. Unsure whether they will be able to return home as the jihadists continue to launch devastating attacks against military and civilian targets, the displaced start new activities, such as sewing, to get by.

Somali students volunteer to educate the dispossessed

Ravaged by decades of war, Somalia has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Successive governments, busy managing political crises and the threat of terrorism, have abandoned the field of education. Today, people who have fled their area and live in IDP camps are often not able to send their children to school, but citizen initiatives are changing that.

Iraqi women ditch burqas as they arrive at IDP camp after fleeing Mosul

Hundreds of displaced Iraqi civilians arrived at Al Khazar camp near Hassan Sham, on Saturday, after they were transported from their villages on the frontlines of Mosul by Iraqi Special Forces.


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VICE News Daily: Bad News For Cambodia’s Smokers

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: London subway strike causes misery for millions of commuters, Iraqi refugees in Kurdistan face water shortages, South Africa destroys thousands of illegal guns, and Cambodia moves to reduce smoking.

London Tube Strike Causes Travel Chaos
It was the largest walkout of subway workers since 2002.

Water Shortages Make Heat Unbearable for Kurdistan Refugees
Power outages have caused many water pumps in IDP camps to run dry.

Authorities Destroy Thousands of Illegal Firearms
The aim is to cut the country’s high crime rate, but an average of 18 people are still killed by gun violence every day.

Parliament Approves New Anti-Smoking Laws
The country will soon introduce higher tobacco taxes, bolder health warnings, and wider smoking bans.

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