Iceland tries to bring back trees razed by the Vikings | AFP

Before being colonised by the Vikings, Iceland was lush with forests but the fearsome warriors razed everything to the ground and the nation is now struggling to reforest the island.

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Captive beluga whales make epic journey from China to Iceland sanctuary | AFP

Two beluga whales from a Shanghai aquarium arrive in Iceland to live out their days in a unique marine sanctuary that conservationists hope will become a model for rehoming some 3,000 of the creatures currently in captivity.

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Iceland president switches to Russian during Arctic forum speech

P.S. Nothing to apologize for, Mr. President, great language skills!


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The Upbeats – Erosion (ft. Culture Shock)

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EU palm oil ban sows bitter seeds for Southeast Asian farmers

The European Parliament is moving to ban the use of palm oil in biofuels, while British grocer Iceland has announced it will stop using the commodity over concerns that it causes widespread environmental destruction. Losing the key EU market worries millions of small farmers in Indonesia and Malaysia — the world’s top two producers — as prices drop for the widely-consumed oil found in everything from biscuits and sweets to cosmetics and vehicle gas tanks.

Residents of wired Iceland seek digital free zone

(7 Sep 2018) Residents of wired Iceland seek digital free zone.

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