Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – All The Hurts We Made (Hybris Remix) [Little Idiot]

➔Date: 1.12.2017

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Noisia – Outer Edges Remixes (Full Album)

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00:00:01 Noisia – Mantra (Mat Zo Remix)
00:04:24 Noisia – Get Deaded (Machinedrum Remix)
00:07:24 Noisia – Tentacles (Ivy Lab Remix)
00:11:50 Noisia – Into Dust (Neonlight Remix)
00:17:57 Noisia – Sinkhole (Posij Remix)
00:22:34 Noisia – Anomaly (Dyro Remix)
00:26:10 Noisia – Collider (The Upbeats Remix)
00:31:48 Noisia – The Entangled (Camo & Krooked Remix)
00:36:30 Noisia – Exavolt (Mefjus Remix)
00:39:31 Noisia – Into Dust (Tsuruda Remix)
00:43:38 Noisia – Tentacles (Teddy Killerz Remix)
00:47:10 Noisia – Vigilantes (Amon Tobin Remix)
00:54:06 Noisia – Stonewalled (Hybris Remix)
00:57:48 Noisia – Motion Blur (DLR Remix)
01:02:47 Noisia – Miniatures (Phace Remix)
01:06:12 Noisia – Get Deaded (Moody Good Remix)
01:11:32 Noisia – Sinkhole (Roly Porter Remix)
01:16:18 Noisia – Miniatures (Mono/Poly Remix)
01:19:40 Noisia – Get Deaded (Bassnectar Remix)
01:22:44 Noisia – Anomaly (Rival Consoles Remix)

Noisia – Stonewalled (Hybris Remix)

Taken from ’Outer Edges Remixes’ available on CD / Digital / Bundle:
Stream / Download:
Noisia Tour Dates:

Noisia Radio S02E03

After last week’s premiere of our collab with Ivy Lab, we’ve got another fresh cut off the forthcoming Division EP, this week it’s one by Signs. Nik has a pretty bad cough.

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Signs – Diesel [DIVISION]
Signal – Shift [CYBERFUNK]
I Am Legion – Sunken Submarine [DIVISION]
Arp Xp – Five Black Forms (Hybris Remix) [AUTHENTIC MUSIC]
Malaky & Satl – Her (Zero T Remix) [SOUL TRADER]
Herzeloyde – Hott [SOUNDCLOUD]
Homemade Weapons – Mind Control [WEAPONRY]
Kursa – Apathy [BANDCAMP]
Dub Head – Spaceship [DISPATCH LIMITED]
Ivy Lab- Delirious [20/20]*
T-I – Minimal Genocide [CO-LAB]
Noisia – Facade (VIP) [RAM]
Razat – Trip Slicer [SOUNCLOUD]
Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation [VIRUS]
Noisia & Phace – Micro Organism [NEOSIGNAL]
roller ouderwets emo neuro HALFTEMPO.mp3
achteloos muisje.mp3
Current Value – Strange Peace [TECH ITCH]
Jon Hopkins – Collider [DOMINO]

EastColors – Things Inside (Hybris Remix) [Demand Records]



1. Eastcolors – Could Be
2. Eastcolors – Things Inside (Hybris Remix)
3. Eastcolors – Dreams (with Traffic & Noel)

Russia’s Eastcolors is back on Demand Records for DNMD025. The producer has been locked away for the past 18 months, working on his debut album, and now returns with three spectacular tunes which prove once again how much of a hot ticket he is throughout the world.

Things Inside appears in a remixed form, courtesy of Hybris. The original found favour with none other than Friction, and the reimagined version is equally as effective, stuttering slowly into life, before blooming out into an addictive rumbler, with low-slung tribal beats and insistent bass work. The pace constantly varies, with new ideas coming out at you all the time. Boundaries are nothing for Eastcolors, all he cares about is the groove. Dramatic, involving, and essential.

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