Hungary protesters march against labour reform

Around 6,000 people demonstrate against nationalist-conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the latest wave of Hungarian protests targeting a labour reform branded a “slave law” by the opposition.

Hungary public broadcaster hit by wave of protests

Anti-government protests in Hungary hit the country’s public broadcaster, with the opposition galvanised by the furious reaction to a controversial new labour law. Several thousand demonstrators gather outside the Budapest offices of the MTVA broadcaster after two opposition MPs broadcast footage of themselves being thrown out of the building earlier in the day.

Today in History for October 23rd

(23 Oct 2018) Highlights of this day in history: Suicide blast kills U.S. Marines and sailors in Lebanon; Students in Hungary spark Cold War revolt; President Richard Nixon agrees to turn over White House tapes; ‘Tonight Show’ host Johnny Carson born. (Oct. 23)

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Hungary’s traditional gypsy music and culture under threat

In Hungary, traditional gypsy music is under threat and is attracting fewer and fewer young people from the villages. Tibor and Tünde, father and daughter, are two musicians who perform throughout the country. In their village in eastern Hungary, they want to revive gypsy traditions and culture and give improvised classes to local children.

Istvan Petnehazy changed his nationality four times since WW1

Istvan Petnehazy, 86, was born and has lived his life in the same house in the same village (Mezokaszony in Hungarian, Kosino in Ukrainian), less than a kilometre into Ukraine from the Hungarian border. Although born in 1932, over a decade after the end of World War 1, he keeps mementos of the Austro-Hungarian Empire era including military photographs of his grandmother’s brothers who as teenage schoolboys were conscripted into the imperial army. Since the end of World War 1 and the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Kosino changed countries – and Petnehazy his nationality – four times: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the Soviet Union, and finally Ukraine.

Erdogan arrives in Hungary for state visit

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrives for a two-day state visit to Hungary where is greeted by Hungarian President Janos Ader at the presidential palace. During his visit Erdogan will meet with Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest. The Hungarian leader was one of the first to congratulate Erdogan on his re-election in July and one of the few European officials to attend the inauguration ceremony in Ankara. IMAGES