Noisia Radio S02E33

Noisia Radio brings you a new track from our Outer Edges album titled ‘Straight hook’, brand new Blackout, and many more. Our label manager Jaap joins us for this week’s episode!

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Noisia – Straight Hook [VISION]
Pythius & Neonlight – Tarkin [BLACKOUT]
Noisia – Sinkhole [VISION]
Nickbee – Glow [INVISIBLE]
The Upbeats Ft. Mara TK – Say Go [VISION]
Chee – Consequences [LISTENER SUB]
Monty – First Skank Then Talk [CRITICAL BINARY]
Teddy Killerz & Icicle – Louder [RAM]
Phentix & Signal – Informer [CYBERFUNK]
Noer The Boy – King Jawn [BANDCAMP]
Bass Brothers – Kravitz [PLAYAZ]
Fierce & Zero T – Expose [QUARANTINE]
Amathyst – Masticate [MULTILUX]
Enei – Vertigo (Current Value Remix) [CRITICAL]
Disphonia – Energy [RED LIGHTS]
Tapecut – Beez [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ed:It – Isolution [SHOGUN]
Question Time!
Teebee – Human Reptile [SUBTITLES]
MachineCode & Lockjaw – Sonic Tower [EATBRAIN]
Zonderling – Be Free [HEXAGON]