Pinned Down by Houthi Gunfire (Excerpt from ‘The Siege of Aden’)

VICE News filmmaker Medyan Dairieh spent two weeks in Yemen’s seaport city of Aden. Surrounded by Houthi militia rebels and under siege “from air, land, and sea,” Aden is the focal point of the Yemeni Southern Resistance.

Amid an ongoing humanitarian crisis, enduring the chaos of near-constant shelling and menace of snipers, he films with refugees, local politicians, and a training camp teaching young Yemenis to continue fighting the Houthi forces.

Dairieh also visits the frontlines, where his group comes under incoming fire. The conflict is also taking its toll on innocent children and in a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital, we witness the graphic cost of war.

In this excerpt, VICE News is taken to the frontline, where daily clashes erupt between the Houthi rebels and the local militias defending the city of Aden.

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