Noisia Radio S02E25

This week in Noisia Radio: brand new Invisible by Dauntless, a couple exclusives and New 1985 music among our finest selection of music.

Noisia Radio will be 1 year old next episode!! We want to know which tunes you liked the best in season so far, we’ll make a special birthday episode of your and our favourites.

Tel us your favourite on twitter #noisiaradio, or in the soundcloud comments!

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Dauntless – Geomancy [INVISIBLE]
Bredren – Mercy [DUB]
Razat – D:beat [SOUNDCLOUD]
Crissy Criss, Malux, Erb & Dub – Wonky [PROGRAM]
Mean Teeth – Rattlefunk [CYBERFUNK]
Banganagangbangers – King Abott (Subp Yao Remix) [SOUNDCLOUD]
Nasty Habits – Prototyped (Hidden Turn Remix) [31 RECORDS]
Alix Perez – Elephant Dreams Ft. Skeptical [1985]
Greazus – Braise [DIFFRENT]
Skope – Illusive [INSPECTED]
Disept – Fake [MINDTECH]
D’tch & Jekyll – The Portal [DIFFRENT]
Dosage – Panama Peppers (Kursa Remix) [SAUCY]
Dom – Tajitsu Ft. Noisia [DOM & ROLAND]
Holly – Two Weeks [BUYGORE]
rubber strand.mp3
Question Time!
Mo Vibez – Waiting [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ed Rush & Optical Ft. Ryme Tyme – Resurrection [VIRUS]
Sofie Letitre – Slip (Synergy Sound Remix) [DIVISION]

Noisia Radio S02E24

Noisia Radio this week; Brand new Current Value, a total of four listener submissions, and we tell you how to overcome a writer’s block.

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Current Value – Impact [INVISIBLE]
Ivy Lab & Tim Parker – U Smart [20/20]
Gydra & Mailky – 7 Circles [BAD TASTE]
Alix Perez – STNKR [1985]
Vacuum – Switch [DUB]
Agressor Bunx – Smash It [TITAN]
Balatron – D.Y.E. Pop [DUB]
Bredren – Mental Gen [DUB]
Fixate – March On [EXIT]
Item, No Signal, Havik – Eliminate [SOUNDCLOUD]
Murdok – Attona [DUB]
Subminderz & Fatloaf – Bolt [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Noisia – Bad Dreams [VISION]
Redders – No Go (Prod. by Sam Binga & Hyroglifics) [CRITICAL SYSTEMS]
verassingsmuziek (answering machine).mp3
Question Time!
Dom & Kemal – Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy, KAOS & Karl K Remix) [MOVING SHADOW]
Holly – Where Does This Leads [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ion Driver – Home From [LISTENER SUBMISSION]

Noisia Radio S02E16

This week’s episode premieres new releases from our own imprints by The Upbeats, Posij and Subtension. Among the usual beats and dnb we like, Thijs explains why he mistakenly thought Martijn did karate. 😀

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The Upbeats – Dr Kink [VISION]
Posij – Grab The Cookie [DIVISION]
Subtension – Cobalt Blue [INVISIBLE]
Signal, Segment & Concept Vision – Medium [CRITICAL SYSTEMS]
Commodo – My Liege [BLACK ACRE]
Arktkt – Yeti [SOUNDCLOUD]
Neonlight – Lost Signal [BLACKOUT]
Holly x Mo Vibez – Going Nuts [SOUNDCLOUD]
Noer The Boy – Whatchudo [LIQUID AMBER]
Silent Witness – Tightener [TRIPLE SEED]
Steelan – Skhema [SOUNDCLOUD]
Kursa & Faek – Behind This Door [BAD TASTE]
spannende dweil.mp3
Question Time!
Impak – Bleeps (Shyun Remix) [KILL TOMORROW]
Gridlok – Tricks [VIOLENCE]
Eskmo – Celsius [ANCESTOR]
Mono/Poly – Dreamscape [BRAINFEEDER]

Noisia Radio S02E15

Noisia radio this week: many exclusives, a new premier from the new various artists EP on Division, and Pharaoh from The Upbeats and Ivy Lab. We also play a request by Hunterday from Texas. Yeehaw!

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Bleep Bloop ft. BRSMSN – Recombine [DIVISION]
The Upbeats & Ivy Lab – Pharaoh [VISION]
DLR – Question That [PLASMA]
Holly x Quix x Montell2099 x Villette X Elevate – How I Do [SOUNDCLOUD]
Proxima – On The Outside [NEODIGITAL]
Dub Head – Rustle Morning Stars [DISPATCH]
Mo Vibez – Claps [BANDCAMP]
TC feat. Jakes – Rep [REX]
Signal & Phentix – Onset [CRITICAL]
Neonlight – Tailspin [BLACKOUT]
Proxy – Battlepack [GAME MUSIC CS:GO]
Calyx & Teebee Ft. Ayah Marar – The Fall [RAM]
it escaped.mp3
Question Time!
Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix) [MAU5TRAP]
Noer The Boy – Room 8 [LIQUID AMBER]
Rawtekk – Restless [MED SCHOOL]
Optical – Slip Thru [VIRUS]
Disprove – In The Lab (Anders Eisenberg Remix) [AMMUNITION]