Ill Truth – Hollow Game (feat. Michael ET)

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Released 27th March.

Ill Truth have been biding their time recently, spending hours in the studio to slowly build with expert electronic craftsmanship for the ‘Hollow Game EP’ which will add another monument towards their ascending career. Following a plethora of support on the scene’s most resounding, underground imprints, they’ve returned with ‘Lightbreak’ and ‘Hollow Game’, bringing the gritty, sub terranean sounds that they’re renowned for. Ensuring that they stay at the height of their game whilst paying homage to the type of drum & bass which act as the genre’s backbone, Ill Truth never sacrifices viability for commercial appeal, time and time again delivering cut after sonic cut that would easily find itself at home in the darkest of clubs.

With ‘Hollow Game’, Ill Truth draws you into their subtle, yet dynamic soundscape. However, this time you’re pulled into a softer shade of musicality. Featuring artist Michael E.T. adds his production ingenuity for the liquid track and female vocals are manipulated to add a rhythmic humanism to its melody. With each break propped up by cranking drum peddles and subtle quakes of bass, it’s easy to become lost in the ethereal side of Ill Truth’s discography. The producers use this single to demonstrate both their versatility and talent within the studio.

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