Risk of famine in Yemen

Videographic showing areas of Yemen threatened with famine. Yemen’s flashpoint city of Hodeida was calm on Tuesday following heavy clashes that erupted after a UN-brokered ceasefire began. Impoverished Yemen has been mired in fighting between the Huthi rebels and troops loyal to President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi since 2014.VIDEOGRAPHICS

Yemen fishermen face starvation at home or death at sea

Fishermen at a harbour in the battle-scarred Red Sea city of Hodeida struggle to survive as they are forced to fish close to the shore due to the danger of being shot or intercepted at sea, thus limiting their daily catch. Hodeida, home to Yemen’s most vital port, has been the target of a fierce pro-government offensive to reseize it from Huthi rebels who have held it since 2014.

Displaced residents from Yemen’s Hodeida find shelter in Sanaa

Mohammed and Salama Rashed explain their difficult living conditions in Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa, where they found shelter after fleeing the Red Sea port city of Hodeida with their children following fierce clashes and bombings. They fear their dire conditions will worsen with winter, as their makeshift tent barely protects them from the cold and rain.

WFP calls for the defence of Yemen’s Hodeida

Images distributed by the UN’s World Food Programme show armed men in Hodeida, malnourished children at a hospital in rebel-held Sanna and World Food Programme aid being delivered to the port city of Hodeida. For five months, pro-government alliance led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE has fought intermittently to drive the Huthi rebels from the city, home to a port that is the entry point of nearly 80 percent of Yemen’s imports.

Residents in Yemen’s Hodeida call for the end of the war

Residents in Hodeida call for the war to end after nearly four years of conflict in Yemen, home to what the UN calls the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe. Clashes halted near the rebel-held port of Hodeida, following intense conflict between government loyalists supported by a Saudi-led coalition, and the Iran-backed Huthi rebels from the Red Sea city, whose docks are a lifeline to 14 million Yemenis at risk of starvation.

Conflict in Hodeida impacting life of Yemenis in Sanaa

Yemenis express the impact that the ongoing conflict in the port city of Hodeida between pro-government forces and Huthi-rebels is having on their daily lives in the rebel-held capital, Sanaa. After nearly four years of conflict in Yemen, home to what the UN calls the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe, the United States and Britain are now pressing Saudi Arabia and its allies to end the war against the Iran-backed Huthi rebels.

Yemeni pro-government forces advance towards Hodeida

Yemeni pro-government forces advance towards the port city of Hodeida, controlled by Huthi rebels, as they continue to battle for the control of the city. Government troops and rebels clashed again Tuesday near a Yemeni port city crucial for humanitarian aid, where hundreds of thousands of civilians could be trapped as war closes in. IMAGES

Hodeida Battle risks tipping Yemen into famine

(4 Oct 2018) With American backing, the United Arab Emirates has resumed an all-out offensive aimed at capturing Yemen’s most vital port, Hodeida. Thousands of civilians are caught in the fighting and at risk of famine. (Oct. 4)

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Yemen civilians live with hunger, hardship amid conflict

Images distributed by the UN’s World Food Programme show destroyed buildings, malnourished children and World Food Programme members distributing aids to civilians in Yemen’s Saada and Hodeida. On June 13, Saudi Arabia and its allies in a pro-government coalition launched a major offensive to retake Hodeida, through which 70 percent of Yemen’s food imports flow.