UN envoy arrives in Yemen to push Hodeida truce

The UN envoy for Yemen arrives in the capital Sanaa for talks to shore up a ceasefire in the country’s lifeline port city of Hodeida. IMAGES

Residents of Yemen’s Khokha hope ceasefire lasts

Residents of Yemen’s Khokha hope the ceasefire in Hodeida will last as it takes effect in the port city where a team including members of the warring sides prepare to monitor the UN-brokered truce agreed upon at talks in Sweden.

Risk of famine in Yemen

Videographic showing areas of Yemen threatened with famine. Yemen’s flashpoint city of Hodeida was calm on Tuesday following heavy clashes that erupted after a UN-brokered ceasefire began. Impoverished Yemen has been mired in fighting between the Huthi rebels and troops loyal to President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi since 2014.VIDEOGRAPHICS

As Hodeida ceasefire nears, residents say they are “optimistic”

Yemen’s Hodeida residents say they are “optimistic” on the eve of the implementation of a ceasefire in the port city and its surroundings, after renewed fighting threatened the hard-won accord struck in Sweden.

Who controls what in Yemen

Updated videographic locating Yemen showing areas of the country controlled by rival forces. A ceasefire in Yemen’s battleground port city of Hodeida and its surroundings will start on Tuesday, according to the UN.VIDEOGRAPHICS

The port of Hodeida

Yemen’s warring parties on Thursday agreed to a ceasefire on Hodeïda, a vital port in a series of breakthroughs in UN-brokered peace talks. Videographic locating the port of Hodeida in Yemen. VIDEOGRAPHICS

UN chief announces series of breakthroughs in Yemen talks

UN chief Antonio Guterres announces a series of breakthroughs in peace talks with the warring parties in Yemen, including a ceasefire for the vital port of Hodeida.

Hodeida port must go to government: Yemen FM

Yemen’s foreign minister says the rebel-held port of Hodeida must be handed over to the government, amid UN-brokered talks on the conflict between the government and Houthi insurgents. SOUNDBITE

Landmines pose lingering threat in war-ravaged Yemen

Devastated by hunger and war, civilians on Yemen’s western coast, south of the flashpoint port of Hodeida, are coming face to face with the lingering threat posed by thousands of landmines planted mostly by the Huthi rebels.

The battle for Hodeida

Videographic locating the port of Hodeida in Yemen. Peace talks between the Yemeni government and rebels, aimed at ending four years of war that has pushed 14 million people to the brink of famine, were due to open Thursday in Sweden.VIDEOGRAPHICS