Nepal police clash with devotees defying virus ban for festival | AFP

Nepali police fire tear gas and water cannon to halt a chariot festival that drew hundreds of Hindus and Buddhists onto the streets in defiance of coronavirus restrictions.

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Hindus in NY celebrate Modi launching Ayodhya temple | AFP

Hindus gather at Times Square in New York to celebrate after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched construction of a new Hindu temple at a flashpoint religious site in Ayodhya.

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Parts of Delhi resemble war zone aftermath after deadly riots | AFP

Delhi’s worst sectarian violence in decades with deadly battles between Hindus and Muslims has left parts of the Indian capital looking like a war zone.

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A million Hindus gather to take ‘holy dip’ in the Ganges | AFP

Around a million Hindu pilgrims and sadhus (holy men) gather at the confluence of the River Ganges and the Bay of Bengal during the Gangasagar Mela to take a ‘holy dip’ on Makar Sankranti, a day with great religious significance in Hindu mythology.

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Cows come home to haunt India’s Modi

One of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s signature policies has been protecting cows, but for some farmers it has now gone too far. Farmers overwhelmingly supported Modi’s nationalist party when he swept to power in 2014 but the strict measures on cows, which are sacred to Hindus, have caused major headaches for rural communities.

Pilgrims pierce bodies and walk over hot coals celebrating Thaipusam in India (GRAPHIC)

Thousands of Hindus had their bodies pierced and walked over hot coals, among other acts of worship, at the #Thaipusam Festival in #India’s #Chennai, Monday, The faithful had long skewers stuck through their flesh while in a meditative state. Pilgrims dressed in yellow carried offerings of milk pots.



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Millions gather for mass Hindu bathing festival

At the crack of dawn, Shiv Yogi Moni Swami rolls down a muddy track with his hands joined over his head as he prepares to take a dip in India’s sacred Ganges river. Swami is just one of the estimated 10 million devout Hindus who have assembled for the 45-day Magh Mela — a religious congregation held every year in January-February in the northern city of Allahabad.

VICE News Daily: Chilean Students Clash with Police Over Education Reform

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Investigators reached the last debris field from the Malaysia Airlines plane crash in eastern Ukraine, Greece is releasing scores of migrants held in detention centers due to overcrowding, Chilean students clashed with police during protests over education reform, and hardline Hindus seek a ban on beef in India.

Human Remains Found At Malaysia Air Crash Site
Dutch and Malaysian recovery teams found more body parts at the scene of the accident.

Migrants Released From Holding Centers
Poor conditions in the detention facilities led to the government releasing scores of migrants.

Student Protests Continue Amid Calls for Education Reform
Clashes took place between protesters and police during protests over education reform in Santiago on Thursday

Hardline Hindus Seek Beef Ban
The new ruling Hindu nationalist party is pushing to expand a slaughter ban to include all types of cattle.

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