Did you know about Sorgh painting cannabis in Rembrandt’s time? | Canna History HD

Cannabis News Network is launching a new series: Canna History. In cooperation with the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum we are going to present multiple historical, entertaining, and need to know facts about cannabis and hemp.

Did you know Cannabis has a long history? Did you now the plant has been around for centuries, for recreational and industrial uses as well as the main ingredient in medicines? In the early 20th century the war on drugs banned all use of cannabis. Today, the plant is making a glorious comeback, but people want proof of the plant’s efficacy.

Governments are now asking scientists to confirm the anecdotal evidence gathered from peoples’ experience and to turn them into evidence-based facts.

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum and Cannabis News Network are joining forces to shed light on the rich history of cannabis and hemp and illustrate what this plant was and is really capable of.

In this episode we cover Hendrick Sorgh painting cannabis in Rembrandt’s time.

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