‘Special place in Hell’ for architects of Brexit: Tusk

European Union leader Donald Tusk condemns those he says called for Brexit with no idea how to carry it out, saying he has been wondering what that “special place in Hell” looks like for them. SOUNDBITE

Hell in Paradise: Entire town wiped off map after wildfire

Search teams scoured the carnage of California’s most destructive ever wildfire for victims on Sunday, as the state-wide death toll rose above two dozen with high winds hampering the effort to rescue property and save lives.

Blackout Podcast 66: DJ Hidden & Eye-D [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout Youtube Selection, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.

This edition is Mixed by Eye-D & DJ Hidden!

Free Download:

01. Netics – Dropship
02. TR. Tactics & DisasZt – Fuck It
03. Matiflow – Smoko (June Miller Remix)
04. Barbarix – Severed
05. Signs – Sacrilege
06. Kung – Sourdough
07. Kryptomedic & State of Mind – Time Slip
08. Kutlo – The Raid
09. Maniatic – Fight the Might
10. Red Pill – Demon Hunter
11. DJ Hidden – The Place That Did Not Exist
12. Brain Crisis – You’ll Burn in Hell
13. Inward, Hanzo, Randie & Synth Ethics – Tune-X
14. Tobax & Malux – No Place
15. Brainpain – Face Off
16. Fragz & DJ Hidden – Overshadowed
17. Razlom – Black Mind
18. Dayni – The Attack
19. Gridlok – Upside Down
20. Katharsys – Nothing Left
21. Triple Sickz – Brainwash (DJ Hidden Remix)
22. Black Opps – The Hollow Man
23. ChaseR – Phantasm
24. The Outside Agency – Enlightened Species
25. Katharsys – Ghost (The Outside Agency Remix)
26. The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – The Violence
27. DJ Hidden – Once Upon a Time in Porto (Portostep VIP)

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Brain Crisis – You’ll Burn In Hell

Pre Order: http://bit.ly/2tJBI3l

Forthcoming alongside ‘Whirl Wind’ via Major League on the 17th of July!

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