Lack of US cruises leaves Havana empty | AFP

The United States government recently ordered a halt to American cruise ship stopovers in Cuba, affecting the island’s tourism industry and its economy.

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Cuba commemorates the French artist who painted Havana’s birth

As Cuba celebrates its 500th anniversary this year, Havana commemorates a French-artist, who is largely unknown in his native France, who immortalized the birth of Havana in his painting of the “First Mass”. Considered a father of Cuban art culture, Jean-Baptiste Vermay also founded the first art school on the island.

Havana sidewalk transforms into art gallery for XIII Biennal

More than a kilometer of a coastal sidewalk in Havana is turned into an art gallery as part of the city’s XIII Biennal arts event, which is expected to bring together some 500 Cuban artists and 300 more from around the world. The project named ‘Behind the Wall,’ comprising works of more than 60 artists, is one exhibit in the month-long event.

Today in History for February 15th

Highlights of this day in history: The U.S. battleship Maine explodes in Havana harbor, bringing America closer to war with Spain; The Soviet Union’s last troops leave Afghanistan; Astronomer Galileo and suffragist Susan B. Anthony born. (Feb. 15)

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