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This week on Africa Weekly, we take you to Kenya where a US NGO has been trialling a campaign that offers villagers a cash income to help alleviate poverty, and we meet 78-year-old Hatifari Munongi, the oldest Zimbabwean to earn a university degree, who has built a replica traditional homestead at her home in Harare.FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLYFOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

Village in the city tries to save Zimbabwe traditions

Children entering a hut in a suburb of Zimbabwe’s capital gaze in wonder at objects foreign to them — ancient farm tools, pottery, even the grass roof and reed mats on which they are asked to sit. A bespectacled elderly woman claps her hands to get their attention and tells them gripping tales with words and songs about animals, folklore and supernatural beings. Hatifari Munongi, a poet, storyteller and retired schoolteacher, has built a replica traditional homestead at her property in the suburb of Marlborough in Harare.