Syria: Activists distribute Christmas presents at camp for displaced | AFP

Activists distribute Christmas presents to displaced Syrian children living in the Washukanni camp for internally displaced persons (IDP) in the mainly Kurdish northeastern Syrian province of Hasakeh. The gesture is part of the “We are with you” campaign organised by Kurdish Syrian youths living abroad who decided to send gifts to displaced children as a result of the eight-year-old conflict in Syria.

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Bursting at the seams: inside an IS prison in Syria | AFP

An AFP team was given rare access to one of the crowded detention facilities in northeastern Syria where Kurdish forces are holding Islamic State group (IS) suspects. With 5,000 inmates — Syrian, Iraqi, but also British, French, German — the prison in Hasakeh province is bursting with the flotsam of the international jihadist army IS raised five years ago.

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Syrian regime forces in Tall Tamr as they move towards Turkish border | AFP

Syrian government forces are seen in the town of Tall Tamr in the countryside of Syria’s northeastern Hasakeh province, as Syrian regime forces moved towards the Turkish border after Damascus reached a deal with beleaguered Kurdish forces following a US withdrawal announcement. IMAGES

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US forces patrol Syria’s northeast close to Turkish border | AFP

Armoured vehicles carrying US forces patrol the city of Ras al-Ain and its surroundings in Syria’s Hasakeh province bordering with Turkey. Damascus said Friday it would reject any agreement between Turkey and the US to establish a “security zone” in northern Syria as tantamount to a violation of the country’s sovereignty.

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Canadian jihadist says IS foreign fighters ‘hung out to dry’

Canadian jihadist Mohammad Ali who joined IS in 2014 under the nom de guerre Abu Turab al-Kanadi says he has been “hung out to dry” by the Islamic State group like other foreign fighters and appealed to his government for help during an interview at a detention centre in the northeastern city of Hasakeh, under the control of the Syrian Defence Forces, who are holding hundreds of foreign jihadists.

Barely alive after IS, Syrian babies haunted by malnutrition

They survived the Islamic State group’s crumbling “caliphate” by a thread, but skeletal babies streaming into a displacement camp in al-Hol in northeastern Syria now face a race against malnutrition. Medics at Al-Hol, which has been flooded with more than 25,000 displaced people in recent weeks as military operations ramped up, do not have the capacity to treat severely malnourished children and must send them on to hospitals in the city of Hasakeh an hour away.