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Migrant Tomato Workers Are Dying Under Mafia-Like Control (HBO)

Sixteen migrant farm laborers died this month in two separate road crashes within 48 hours of each other in Italy, sparking the workers to stage a mass walkout by the workers that has drawn international attention to the dire conditions endured by seasonal tomato pickers.

The crashes occurred close to the southern city of Foggia, which hosts half a dozen makeshift camps for illegal workers. Both accidents involved overcrowded vans carrying migrant laborers home from long shifts in the region’s tomato fields.

The vans are often operated by illicit gang members, known as the Caporali, who act as middlemen in Italy’s $3.5 billion tomato industry, supplying farm owners with cheap labor and taking a cut of the workers’ wages.

That leaves workers like Mohamed Doumbé Keita, an undocumented migrant from Guinea, earning less than $30 for a shift that can last up to 15 hours in scorching heat.

“It’s like the return of slavery,” Mohamed told VICE News. “Life is tough here. There’s no medical care, and each man fends for himself. If you don’t put in ten hours a day, you won’t even make €20.”

Though Italy’s previous government passed a new law to criminalize the Caporali as a mafia crime, it’s only now being enforced for the first time.

But the legislation targets farmers rather than the middlemen themselves, threatening a jail term of up to eight years for landowners found to be hiring laborers through the Caporali, and imposing penalties for using illegal workers.

That has angered some farmers, who feel their earnings are already squeezed by big retailers and consumer demand for cheap produce. VICE News went to Italy to see what the situation is really like.

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Guinea capital paralysed by fuel price strike

The Guinean capital of Conakry is paralysed as a 25 percent hike in oil prices fuels a general strike. The movement, originally triggered for one day on July 4 by the intersyndicale CNTG-USTG (National Confederation of Guinean Workers-United Trade Union of Guinean Workers) is renewed from 9 July to 11 July. IMAGES

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Migrants recount hardship at home and on road to Europe

For around a year, the French region of Hautes-Alpes has seen migrant influx from Guinea and Ivory Coast grow exponentially. The young asylum seekers often leave bad living conditions back home in the hopes of a better life in Europe.

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Guinea holds first local elections since military rule

Guinea begins voting in the first local elections since the end of the era of military dictatorship following eight years of delays. IMAGES

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Thousands take to Guinea’s streets to demand local elections

Thousands of opposition activists take to the streets of Guinea’s capital to demand local elections be held after a 12-year absence, pressuring President Alpha Conde to set a date.

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Blackout Podcast 51 – Ordure & Shield [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. This edition is mixed by Ordure & Shield!

Download Link:

1. Ordure & Shield – Dumflad [Blackout Music]
2. Pythius – Coruscant [Blackout Music]
3. Skeptical – Square Breathing [Ingredients Records]
4. Barbarix – Get Hard [dub]
5. Klax – Blackball [Critical Music]
6. Joe Ford – Neon [Shogun Audio]
7. Neonlight & Wintermute – Guinea Pig [Blackout Music]
8. Subtension – Funk Off [Critical Music]
9. Ivy Lab – Forex [Critical Music]
10. Octane & DLR – Set Up The Set ft. Script [Dispatch Recordings]
11. Doctrine – Airlock [Invisible Recordings]
12. Pythius – New Order [Blackout Music]
13. Malux – Wretch [dub]
14. Audeka – Peat Bog (Posij Remix) [Underslung Audio]
15. Agressor Bunx – Infinity [Blackout Music]
16. Black Daniels – Pyramids (Shield 2015 Banger Edit) [Cart Records]
17. ID – ID [dub]
18. Noisia – Leopard Slug [Vision Recordings]
19. The Upbeats – Paranormal Roller [Let It Roll]
20. Task Horizon – Body Tetris [Blackout Music]
21. Fytch – Sirens Over Paris [Villain Recordings]
22. Disprove – ID [dub]
23. Tidewarp – ID [dub]
24. Bass Brothers – Dancehall Killaz [Playaz Recordings]
25. Noisia & Ivy Lab – Possession [Division Recordings]
26. The Upbeats – Def Crescent [Blackout Music]
27. L 33 – Rei [Blackout Music]
28. Ordure – ID [dub]
29. Mefjus – Saturate [Critical Music]
30. Black Sun Empire – Monologue (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Blackout Music]
31. Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub [Virus Recordings]
32. 2N – Chronic Smoke [Eatbrain]
33. DC Breaks – Shaman [RAM Records]
34. Annix – Nuff Sound Can’t Play [Playaz Recordings]
35. Upgrade – More [Serial Killaz]
36. Noisia & Spor – Falling Through [Vision Recordings]
37. NickBee – Third Entity [Invisible Recordings]
38. Corteks – ID [dub]
39. Segment & Concept Vision – Executed [Blackout Music]
40. Tobax – Mezzanine VIP [NeurofunkGrid]
41. Gydra – Nailsbucket [Blackout Music]
42. Shield – My Flava [20/20 LDN dub]
43. Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy [Neosignal Recordings]
44. Teknian, Disprove & Ordure – Lockheed [Inspected Records]



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Neonlight & Wintermute – Guinea Pig [Official Blackout Channel]

Blackout Youtube, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!

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Blackout Podcast 42 – Signs [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. This time mixed by Signs!

Free Download:

Signs – Clockout [Piranha Pool Dub]
Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris – Clusterfunk [Vision]
Disprove – Tip slip [dub]
Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx [Blackout]
Emperor – Passed Up [Critical]
The Prototypes – Pop It Off [Viper]
Emperor – Control [Critical]
Teddy Killez – Teddynator [Ram]
Current Value – agenda [Bad Taste]
Signs – Headbolt [Project 51]
Signs Percuss [Eatbrain]
Signs – Modulate [Ram]
Dom & Roland – Jedi (Mefjus remix) [Citrus]
Mefjus & Rido – Correlation [Blackout]
Neonlight & Wintermute – Posthuman [Blackout]
Joe Ford – Snares [Shogun]
Neonlight & Wintermute – Guinea Pig [Blackout]
Phace – Shape The Random [Neosignal]
Noisia – Incessant [Vision]
Optiv & BTK – Get Dark (Signs remix) [Playaz dub]
Modestep – Machines (Mefjus remix) [Max]
Signs & Sks – Cobalt [Vandal dub]
Dabs ft. Rymetyme – Grindwerk [Eatbrain]
Signs – Acid Test [Piranha Pool dub]
Hypoxia – Profanity [Eatbrain dub]
Posij – Techplant [Critical]
Mefjus & Rido – Optimum Trajectory [Blackout]
Joe Ford – All Of Us [Shogun]
L33 – Chain Reaction [Lifted]
Disprove – Call The Shots [dub]
Audeka – Peat Bog (Posij remix) [Underslung Audio]
Signs – Diesel [Vandal dub]


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Enter The Grid Promo Mix 003 by NickBee

Enter The Grid is a sequence of Neurofunk Drum’n’Bass events created by the youtube promoter NeurofunkGrid and Kosenprod.

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Tracklist :
1. NickBee – ID
2. Gydra – Soul King (NickBee remix)
3. ID – ID
4. NickBee – ID
5. Abstract Elements – Ruberoid
6. Kije – Regimen
7. ID – ID
8. ID – ID
9. Axiom – Schizothemia (NickBee remix)
10. Noisia – Banshee
11. NickBee – Elysium
12. Lockjaw – Chasing Shadows
13. Detail – the way
14. NickBee – Two Empires
15. Impak – Vortex
16. Gydra – Boundless
17. Neonlight & Wntermute – Guinea Pig
18. ID – ID
19. Signs – Vermin
20. Dub Motion – Mercury
21. Roygreen & Proton – ???


► NICKBEE [Invisible, Dispatch, Horizons, Eatbrain, Bad Taste]
► VOLATILE CYCLE [Invisible, Renegade Hardware, Nfg]
► THE CLAMPS [Blackout, Kosen, Dissected, Disturbed]
► AKOV [NeurofunkGrid, Eatbrain, Titan]
► IMPAK [NeurofunkGrid, Mindtech]
► CRUK [Bad Taste, Ammunition, Disturbed]
► REDJECT [Blackout Music, Mindtech, Disturbed]
► OPSEN & PRIMAL THERAPY [Kosen, Vandal, Upgrade Audio, Melting Pot, Dissected Culture]
► INNATE MC [Renegad Hardware, Proximity Recordings]

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Many thanks to the MIB Crew for the premiere on !

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VICE News Daily: Rome’s First Same-Sex Civil Unions

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Guinea copes with an increase in Ebola cases, Rome’s first civil unions, China’s success in reducing carbon emissions, and Brazilian scientists propose saffron to fight dengue fever.

Government Responds to Spike in New Ebola Cases
A public awareness campaign aims to get residents in the country’s west to frequently wash their hands and stop improper burials.

Couples Sign Rome’s First Civil Union Registry
They get tax and housing benefits, as well as access to family health and social services.

Government Reports Decrease in Carbon Emissions
The country recorded a nearly 5% drop in the first four months of 2015, compared to the same period last year.

Researchers Say Saffron Could Help Combat Dengue Epidemic
With light exposure, an active compound in the spice produces molecules highly toxic to mosquitos.

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