FILE: Guggenheim offers Trumps gold toilet in lieu of a Van Gogh

According to reports, New York’s Guggenheim Museum has offered Trump a fully functioning golden toilet from its collection, in lieu of a Van Gogh painting the White House requested to borrow.

Marina Abramovic’s Silent Birthday Celebration: VICE News Tonight on HBO

The world’s most famous performance artist, Marina Abramovic, celebrated her 70th birthday with a party at New York’s Guggenheim Museum last week.

“I really like the idea of 70,” Abramovic told VICE News correspondent Mary H.K. Choi. “I like the idea of being wise, I like the idea of looking back to my life and saying goodbye to everything I’ve done.”

After the event, Abramovic was headed to India to seek holistic treatment in solitude, a near-annual tradition for her.

“At 70, you realize you have two choices: You can make age your enemy, or you can make it your friend,” Abramovic told the event’s crowd. “I have decided to make my age my friend.”

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