Agriculture activist offers 2 tons of organic green beans to city hall employees in Lyon | AFP

An entrepreneur from Pusignan has offered a ton and a half of organic green beans from his production to Lyon to celebrate the French city’s new ‘Green’ mayor. The entrepreneur is asking the city, now under the control of Europe Ecology – Green Party (EELV) following last month’s local elections, to support the development of peri-urban agriculture.

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India’s ‘superfood’ jackfruit goes global | AFP

Green, spiky and with a strong, sweet smell, the bulky jackfruit has morphed from a backyard nuisance in India’s south coast into the meat-substitute darling of vegans and vegetarians in the West.

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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz addresses parliament | AFP

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz addresses parliament, three days after being sworn in for a second term. By his side is Werner Kogler, the Green party leader who, through a coalition, gave Kurz the majority he needed for his second term. IMAGES

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Regional vote in Germany could see AfD in all parliaments across the country

In Germany, Angela Merkel’s hard-won Grand Coalition could be in for a new blow, as polls predict low support in the regional election in the state of Hesse on Sunday. Among the main contenders are the Green party allied with other left-wing forces, though national-conservative Alternative for Germany is projected to strengthen its position too.


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Road Trip In Lesotho: Africa’s First Legal Cannabis Cultivation | Cannabis News Network

Fields Of Green for All, a Johannesburg legalisation non profit, took a road trip down into Lesotho for Cannabis News Network for the real story behind ‘Africa’s First Country to Grant Medical Marijuana Licenses’.

Lesotho has the record of being the only country in the world with an average height over 1000 meters and is a slow drive through the mountains.

It’s a geographically challenging and economically impoverished place to live. The WHO estimates life expectancy at just over 50 years.

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Germany’s Green party elects new leaders

The members of the Green party of Germany have elected their new leaders: the Environment Minister of the State of Schleswig-Holstein Robert Habeck and Bundestag member Annalena Baerbock. IMAGES

Evicting the Unwanted: Berlin’s Refugee Crisis

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In late June, Berlin’s central Kreuzberg district became the scene of a tense standoff between a group of refugees squatting in an abandoned school and the district authorities. The refugees had moved into the school after authorities destroyed refugee camps just a few months earlier. As more and more squatters moved in, the governing Green party faced pressure to resolve a situation where hygiene was deteriorating and crime was becoming an issue.

On June 24, authorities attempted to evict refugees from the school. With the refugees refusing to leave, the school and surrounding neighborhood block was besieged for eight days by riot police, protesters and press.

VICE News was on the scene from day one and documented the events that would ultimately mark the climax of Germany’s refugee protest. We gained access inside the school to document the situation and were also on the scene as negotiations between authorities and refugees were taking place to resolve the standoff.

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