Iranian oil tanker still being detained in Gibraltar | AFP

An Iranian oil tanker is still being detained in Gibraltar, after being stopped on Thursday 4 July by Gibraltar police and customs agencies who suspect the tanker was carrying crude oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions. IMAGES

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Gibraltar detains tanker suspected of carrying oil to Syria | AFP

A supertanker suspected of carrying crude oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions is detained in Gibraltar. The Panamanian-flagged tanker is thought to be transporting crude from Iran. IMAGES

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Migrants keep crossing Strait of Gibraltar despite bad weather

30 years ago, a migrant’s body washed up on the coasts of Andalusia in southern Spain for the first time. Now, its popular beaches are regularly the scene of death and drama. So far this year, close to 53,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Spain, with nearly 700 losing their lives. And that figure continues to rise as the arrival of seasonal bad weather fail to deter those desperate to reach Europe.

Europe heads off Gibraltar spat to save Brexit summit

Samantha Sacramento, the Gibraltar housing minister, speaks on the issue of Gibraltar’s sovereignty in the Brexit negotiations at a conference of the Democratic Unionist Party, the Northern Irish party whose support is vital to Prime Minister Theresa May’s government and Brexit plans.

Brexit: the Gibraltar border worries Spanish people

Spanish people crossing the border between Spain and Gibraltar every day to work on the British side fear their jobs will be threatened if relations between the two countries become more complicated. The question of Gibraltar is not mentioned in the draft Brexit agreement, which outlines the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union after the divorce.

Brexit dims outlook for both sides of Spain-Gibraltar border

Gibraltar has close to full employment and it has long been a lifeline for people who live in the adjacent area of Spain known as “El Campo de Gibraltar”, which has one of the European Union’s highest jobless rates. But when Brexit comes, it could mean tighter controls at what would be a new border between Britain and the European Union which could jeopardise the easy flow of people that has benefited both Gibraltar and “El Campo”.