Optiv & Cza – Back To The Future

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Optiv & CZA are back with a brand new single on Renegade Hardware!

Already established veterans of the scene via their output as Cause 4 Concern, this release sees 2 of the C4C members team up under their solo guises to bring the best of the beats and the bass. With experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes the power to create. And both Optiv and CZA have all of these qualities in abundance. With many years of involvement in making music, both producers now feel that they are able to fully express themselves in their own output, and now bring vision and awareness to the two tracks on their latest release.

For the flip, Back To The Future Classic neuro flavours erupt out of this one early, as eerie synths clash with a ridiculously rolling bassline. See your way into the impending doom, as the duo take you on a wild ride. The track stays pretty low, as details are picked out in the drums and atmospheric elements. Things drop down half way through, but then rise up again nicely, as the bass reasserts itself.

This latest single readily demonstrates two producers at the top of their game right now. Get ready!

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