French minister reacts to online harassment scandal

French Junior Minister for Gender Equality Marlene Schiappa reacts to the secret media group known as “League of LOL”, which was exposed for harassing women colleagues online. The affair is being dubbed the “French media’s #MeToo”, with Liberation newspaper referring to the group as a “boys’ club” which bullied women online and cracked off-colour jokes about rape culture.

Homeopathy facing criticism in France

A debate is raging in France about whether homeopathy is really effective. The country’s high authority of health is due to issue a long-awaited opinion in the spring on the appropriateness of reimbursing this form of alternative medicine, which has been described as “fake” by some practitioners. But French homeopathic giant Boiron says it would be a false economy if the state decides to stop reimbursing patients for such treatments.

First Paris wine fair opens

It may be difficult to believe but Paris didn’t have – until now – a international Wine Fair. The first edition of the fair is held until Wednesday with one goal : to sell more French wine.

French FM meets in Paris british counterpart

The french foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, meets in Paris his british counterpart, Jeremy Hunt. IMAGES

Damage, scuffles, at yellow vest demo in Paris

Scuffles have broken out between French yellow vest protesters and police in a 13th consecutive weekend of demonstrations. (Feb. 9)

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Ex-nun reacts to Catholic church ‘sex slave’ scandal

Former French nun Laurence Poujade, who claims to have been sexually abused by a member of the Community of St. Jean in France, says she has been waiting “for twenty years to be able to speak”. She is happy that Pope François admits that priests have used nuns as “sexual slaves” but adds it’s just ‘a step’, not ‘the final stop’.

The Museum of the Dog honors man’s best friend in New York City

Victorian-era painting of a French bulldog, miniature figurines of pugs playing instruments, a Fox Terrier squeleton: the American Kennel Club has brought its Museum of the Dog back to New York City.

Michelin-starred restaurant brings tastes of Amazon to Paris

At his Paris restaurant “Oka,” Brazilian-born chef Raphael Rego combines a French culinary heritage with products he imports from the Amazon. His is the first restaurant offering Brazilian cuisine to be awarded a Michelin star outside of Brazil.

Macron asks French youth to participate in National Debate

French President Emmanuel Macron calls on France’s youth to take part in the Great National Debate, his bid to face the fierce criticism he has endured in “yellow vest” protests. IMAGES