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Take A Closer Look At Aston Martin’s AM-RB 003

AM-RB 003 is Aston Martin’s latest hypercar concept, also known as the son of Valkyrie. It’s a mid-engined hypercar inspired by the world of Formula 1, and it’s entirely made of carbon fiber. It features a turbo V6 engine, which was designed in-house by Aston Martin, and it’s the first car to use a NASA-approved technology that alters downforce in real time.

On the inside, the model is spacious, clutter-free and designed with daily use in mind. It replaces the classic dashboard with the driver’s smartphone to free up more space for the occupant. Aston Martin says the car will appear on the marketplace in 2021 and will have a limited production run.

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Take A Closer Look At Aston Martin’s AM-RB 003