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Kenya mobilises 150,000 security officers for the elections

As Kenya prepares to vote in its August 8th general election, the security services say they plan to mobilise 150,000 operatives to keep the peace, including temporary special police officers from agencies including the Forest and Wildlife services. The vote comes 10 years after a disputed election plunged the country into two months of politically-motivated ethnic clashes.

Militant French Eco-Activists Protest Deforestation: Fight for the Forest

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Deep in the tranquil Forest of Sivens in the south of France, eco-militant activists and French riot police are fighting a violent battle in woodlands being cut down to make way for a dam, which will spell the end for 41 acres of trees.

The activists are armed with Molotov cocktails and gas canisters; the police are trying to protect workers as they clear the forest. The local council says that the dam will irrigate cornfields in the area, but the activists — and many locals — are against the destruction.

VICE News followed the fight for the forest alongside the group of activists that have previously been hostile to any media approaches.

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