Ministers pose for family photo as Arctic Council meeting begis

The foreign ministers of the US, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland Norway and Canada arrive and pose for a group photo as the Arctic Council ministerial meeting in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi opens. IMAGES of the family photo

Lavrov and Pompeo meet on sidelines of Arctic Council session

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned China and Russia to “respect our interests” in the Arctic, or face the consequences.
Frozen and desolate, the Arctic region looks set to be the next frontier for competition between the US, Russia, and China.

Speaking at a meeting of the Arctic Council in Finland on Monday, Pompeo launched a broadside against the US’ competitors in the region, particularly China.

“Arctic seaways could become the 21st century Suez and Panama canals,” America’s top diplomat stated.




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Pompeo, Lavrov meet in Finland before Arctic ministerial

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo an Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov shake hands before reporters in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi before the beginning of an Arctic Council ministerial meeting. 1ST IMAGES

Pompeo slams “aggressive Russian behaviour” in the Arctic

“These provocative actions are part of a pattern of aggressive Russian behaviour here in the Arctic,” said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at an Arctic Council meeting in Rovaniemi, Finland. SOUNDBITES

The importance of ice shelves

Videographic looking at the importance of ice shelves. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Finland on Monday for talks of the eight-nation Arctic Council.VIDEOGRAPHICS

Melting ice caps

Videographic illustrating melting ice caps. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Finland on Monday for talks of the eight-nation Arctic Council.VIDEOGRAPHICS

Polls open in Finland’s general election

Finns begin voting in a general election where the centre-right government is expected to be overturned amid widespread opposition to its spending cuts, and the far-right is predicted to make large gains. IMAGES

Anti-immigration: Finland’s populists eye an election upset

In the remote, northern Finnish town of Oulu where he has lived for seven years, Syrian-born Jabo Waleed started feeling recently that some people’s behaviour towards him was becoming less welcoming. I can honestly say it’s not like before,” Waleed told AFP in fluent Finnish from behind the counter of his kebab shop in the town centre. Waleed’s experiences have been echoed by many other immigrants across Finland, since police in Oulu announced in December the arrest of nine suspects, all of whom had arrived in Finland as refugees or asylum seekers, for suspected sexual offences against minors.

Survivors seek compensation 25 years after MS Estonia sinking

Twenty five years after the worst civil maritime disaster in Europe left 852 people from 17 different countries dead or missing, a thousand survivors and their families are seeking compensation from Bureau Veritas, the French registrar of the MS Estonia, a cruise ship that sank off the coast of Finland in 1994. The ferry manufacturer is also summoned to appear before Nanterre’s High Court. IMAGES

Muffler – ‘Puzzle’

Muffler – ‘Puzzle’
ProgRAM 079

With around two decades worth of releases behind him, Finland’s Muffler is a producer with serious credentials. Adding to the list of established artists who’ve graced ProgRAM with tracks down the years, he delivers two contrasting cuts to expand its increasing catalogue on April 12th.

Kicking off his ProgRAM debut with ‘Half Light,’ it is an unrelenting assault of jungle drums and a pulsating buzz saw synth line that cuts through the noise like a machete. Awash with old school atmospherics, ‘Half Light’ is Muffler pulling his interpretation of drum & bass’s foundation sound directly into the present day.

‘Puzzle’ is a jazzy, piano driven liquid roller: tight breaks, punchy horn samples and subtle vocals drift in and out of focus. It’s one to listen to and get lost in.

‘Half Light’ and ‘Puzzle’ gives you the rough and the smooth – and is another release to signify that you need to get with the ProgRAM.

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