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Rygel DLNA/UPnP Media Server on Fedora 27


Update: The media sharing options in the Fedora Settings app in recent versions of Fedora are a lot easier to use. You should check it out before trying any of this. This guide might help you get going if you want to run a media server on a headless server or something, though, so I’m going to leave it up.

Here’s a short guide to install and configure Rygel on Fedora 27.

Install Required Software

This should be enough to be able to run the server later.

sudo dnf install rygel tumbler gupnp-av

Configure Rygel

What you want to do here is most likely not share all of your account’s media folders, which is the default setting for Rygel. My idea is to first create a folder in ~/Videos called shared-videos and so on for ~/Music and ~/Pictures if desired.

Run this under the user you intend to run Rygel under. In most cases this will be your own account. On a computer with many accounts, make sure you use an account that’s going to have access to the media files you want to share.


Remove any default directories you don’t want to share and add any directories you do want to. In my case it was the ones I created for this purpose.

Set up Rygel as a Service

You could just run Rygel from the command line whenever you want to share your files but more likely, you’ll always want your shared files available when the computer is turned on. As root, create a file named /etc/systemd/system/rygel.service and paste this into it:

Description=Rygel DLNA server

# ExecStart=/usr/bin/wrap-dbus /usr/bin/rygel


Edit the User and Group lines to match the user and group you used when configuring Rygel. Most likely these are both your login name.

Run this command to make the service start each time your computer boots:

sudo systemctl enable rygel

Run this command to start the service immediately (the previous one only makes it start on next boot):

sudo systemctl start rygel

Test the Server

Fire up VLC on a phone connected to the same WiFi network and check if you can see your stuff under Local Network in the main menu. You should be able to view any media you’ve placed in your shared folders. There’s lots of DLNA clients but VLC runs on almost everything so if you want to watch movies on any of your devices from your server, I suggest installing it.

Didn’t Work?

Contact me if you run into errors or this tutorial doesn’t work for you. I wasn’t able to test each step completely as I had a bunch of this already set up on my machine when I wrote this.