Fred V & Grafix – Sugar (Official Video)

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Fred V & Grafix bring their second single into 2017; sonically in tune with the first glimpse of album three yet ‘Sugar’ shifts down from their ordinary drum & bass tempo into a bluesy, electric-guitar led oasis of lo-fi beats and electro-funk licks.

‘Sugar’ marries distorted vocal high-ranges from Fred V with a woozy backdrop of clicky drum pads and wavy synths. For those who’ve followed the pair’s journey since the days of ‘Major Happy’ will have noticed the incremental steps towards their high-in-the-clouds, signature sound. Now able to expertly reflect and interpret across different genres, the formidable duo confidently steps into new territory.

With live instrumentation being a trademark in their production it’s inevitable that their uplifting, sought after DJ sets are now being transformed into an immersive live showcase. Standing as producers, musicians and vocalists Fred V & Grafix (Live) is set for London’s drum & bass extravaganza Hospitality In The Park and Lock & Load Festival in their hometown of Exeter. In the meantime, their packed DJ schedule will take them across every festival hotspot during the summer months. Watch this space…

Fred V & Grafix

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Directed & shot by Deadbeatfilms

Fred V & Grafix – Goggles – Official Video

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Fred V & Grafix, the dynamic duo from Devon, present their debut solo single on Hospital. “Goggles” is a four-track EP featuring the full spectrum of their sound. The “Goggles” EP is fresh, fun and jam-packed with exciting, dancefloor-driven beats that should excite and unite D&B fans for 2013.

With its unassuming bleep intro, “Goggles” will no doubt take some by surprise with its subterranean sounds as bubbling bass and intricate arpeggios develop into the kind of aquatic frenzy you won’t have witnessed since doing 50 metres butterfly at school. But wait, “Games People Play” ups the ante with a more recognisable Fred V & Grafix aesthetic – full of polished vocal glow, warm atmospherics, punchy drums and live guitar from Fred Vahrman himself.

Returning to a stripped back, contemplative tone and we have “Denmark Road” with its shimmying soundscape, shuffling breaks and murmuring Calibre-esque sweeps. Beware the epic “Basilisk” awaiting at the end of the EP. This monster has a hypnotizing intro, then bites deep, with a drop dominated by dense, contorting synth work. Awesome.

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Video directed by Andrew Attah
Thanks to Minerva Streetwear, Exeter

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Tomek N – Biography

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‘The Crown Jewels’ features new blood and familiar faces. Exel, from Exeter, is one of the new recruits alongside long-time label friend Tomek N from London and a special collaboration from Pdex & Retrospekt, who hail from St Albans and Cardiff. Livewire, from Stroud, is back following his debut single ‘Don’t Let Go’. ‘Biography’ by Tomek N sees space-age effects and dreamy piano chords take you to a beautiful place, creating a crystal clear atmosphere for those shivers-down-the-spine moments.”