Europe’s multinational parliament

Videographic illustrating and explaining the various key institutions of the European Union. EU Elections begin on May 23.VIDEOGRAPHICS

European elections: how they work

Videographic looking at how European Union elections will work. Polling begins on May 23. Had Britain left the European Union as planned on March 29, it would not be taking part in the European Parliament elections, which will be held in the UK on May 23.VIDEOGRAPHICS

French NGO fears EU food aid may decrease after elections

As the European Union readies its budget for 2021 to 2027, French NGO les Restos du Cœur is concerned funding for the homeless may decrease. The charity is heavily dependent on EU aid, with a quarter of meals financed by the union, according to one of the group’s presidents.

EU leaders to hold summit May 28 on top Brussels jobs

EU Council chief Donald Tusk announces that all 28 leaders of European Union governments will meet on May 28 to launch the process of choosing a new head of the EU Commission and other top posts. SOUNDBITE

Painter says royal baby is welcome Brexit distraction

Painter Kaya Mar says the birth of the royal baby is a welcome distraction from Britian’s troubled process to leave the European Union.

Israel and Palestine reach ceasefire after 2 days of mutual bombing

Hamas and Israel have reached a ceasefire agreement, according to Palestinian and other media, following two days of intense cross-border confrontation between Gaza and its neighbor, in which both sides suffered casualties.

The ceasefire was expected to go into effect at 4:30 am on Monday (01:30 GMT), according to the Times of Israel, which noted there had been no rockets for two hours before the announcement.
The deal, reportedly brokered by Egypt and the European Union, was also confirmed by a second Reuters source, as well as a TV station belonging to Hamas.



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Hitting the bottle: Trump’s trade battles slow Kentucky’s bourbon boom

Just a few months ago, Kentucky bourbon was taking the world by storm. But then, in the middle of last year, came President Donald Trump’s trade wars. To retaliate for stinging new US tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, Mexico, Canada, China and the European Union slapped import duties on American whiskies, causing soaring export growth to crash.

Brexit: Nearly three years on, has anything changed in Boston?

Nearly three years after the Brexit referendum, opinions have changed very little in Boston, the British town that voted most heavily in favour of leaving the European Union.

Shifting Brexit date gives map-makers a headache

In or out? The repeated delays to Brexit are a nightmare for map makers and guidebook printers who have to decide how to depict Britain’s relationship with the European Union.